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So United were conned out of a potential three points by one of the most incredible Newspapersrefereeing decisions I’ve ever seen.  The press reaction has been suitably mixed with some intelligent comment and some utterly frustrating bollocks written across the press.

To start with, of what’s been written not ONE press outlet has made the most obvious point here:  when have you EVER seen a referee give offside?  I’m 25 so there’s a good chance many of you reading this will have seen far more football than I have over the years.  In all my time watching football from around the world I have never seen a referee give an offside decision.  The media are ignoring this fact.  They are ignoring the fact that the referee only considered overruling the linesman when Joe Hart ran screaming into his face that Goufrann was offside.  To me, this is paramount to favouritism.  Any excuse to help Joe, Vincent and Manuel out.

The ref actively sought a reason not to give the goal.  As soon as he walked across to the linesman I knew we were in trouble as even from my seat in the Corner, I knew there had been no infringement and offside could be the only issue.  It’s been said before but if Man City had scored that goal at home then the same reaction from the referee wouldn’t occur.  That is totally correct.  In recent years we have seen managers of English clubs scathe about European refereeing and often blame referees for their inability to beat teams over 180 minutes of football over two legs.  That’s because, in my opinion, the European refs don’t get pally with the players, don’t text the managers of the big clubs and trust their colleagues behind the goal and running the line.  The standard of European officials may be of equal frustration in each country to the fans of each club, I don’t know, but what I am 100% sure is that the elite refs from other country’s stand up to the bullshit intimidation from the top 6 mafia in this country and the game is better for it.

Alan Pardew calling the Man City manager an ‘old cunt’ wasn’t smart or professional.  It’s a bot embarrassing and it’s not the first time Pardew has lost it.  Should be handle refereeing decisions like that better? Probably? Do I blame him? No.  Pelegrini decided to take umbrage with Pardew still moaning at the 4th official and ref about the goal.  What it had to do with the Man City manager, I don’t know.  All of us grownups know managers swearing at each other isn’t a new issue. The language of players towards referees on the pitch is nothing short of a scandal.  I’m not bothered about bad language at football, I use it often enough.  The media reaction to the ‘vile’ actions of Pardew have served as the perfect distraction to the fact that Manchester City have been gifted three points.  The media friendly club have picked up few detractors in the media for their slave driven riches and they’re well liked in media circles.   Add in MYM’s tackle, a wild swipe from behind and the narrative of the match has changed.

Eye’s down for some of the worst reporting on football I’ve ever seen.

Louise Taylor – The Guardian 

I enjoy the Guardian’s media outlet.  Their cricket coverage is superb and the football coverage is better than most.  Along with the Football Ramble, the Guardian’s podcast is the best around and I enjoy listening to it.  Louise Taylor is the only long term football journalist who has never appeared on the podcast.  There may be a multitude of reasons for this, but in my opinion, the producers of the podcast are probably aware that her sycophantic views and lack of football knowledge would most likely reduce the shows high quality content.

Her match review and feature in the Guardian’s weekly ’10 talking points’ blog are nothing short of a disgrace.  I’ve spoken highly of her work previously, though she’s incredibly inconsistent.  We all have opinions and it so happens she’s paid for hers.  On this occasion she has strained to set the obvious national narrative that the Tiote strike was an irrelevance compared to the foul on Nasri and Pardew’s words with the City coach.

The Guardian – click here

The link (above) to the blog above completely ignores that before and after half time, there were few if no crunching or bad tackles on any Man City player apart from MYM.  How would Pardew’s anger which was matched if not exceeded by our senior pro’s, have anything to do with MYM’s swipe.  I play 5 a side each week and you see frustrated tackles like that regularly.  It wasn’t a great tackle but compare it to Lee Cattermole on Joey Barton in 2008, or De Jong or HBA.  There’s a difference in a poor tackle resulting in a serious injury to a poor tackle which sets out to cause serious injury.  To believe that Pardew calling someone a cunt lead to a potentially snapped ACL, is a damaging accusation, and one made without proof or logic.

Louise Taylor, The Guardianclick here

Taylor’s match report above spouts much of the same, and for once isn’t just an endless list of quotes from the managers of each team but still misses the point completely.

Michael Cox – Zonal via the Guardian

Michael Cox is one of my favourite football journalists.  Some people can be dismissive of tactics talk as pseudo-intellectuals talk about new found positions and fancy words etc but Cox’s work is brilliantly accessible and grounded.

This article is a an excellent piece on why we were in the game yesterday and what we got right.  Well worth a read.

Zonal Marking – click here

BBC Sport –  Mike Henson – click here

Henson’s match report is fairly mundane, as you’d expect from the BBC with no serious opinion exerted throughout the piece and all the major ‘controversies’ covered.

Man City View – Blue Moon – click here

This is a strange, strange match report.  As it goes an incredibly factual and balanced report but besides Gareth Harrison’s  TF reports you’d be forgiven for thinking this wasn’t written by a Man City fan at all.  Strange.

 Daily Mail

 The Mail’s match report’s aren’t worth commenting on as they’re mostly pictures.

However they’ve run two or three articles on the real big news, Pardew calling their manager an ‘old cunt.’

They run an article supposedly listing the numerous ‘spats’ Pardew has had with other managers.  There’s 2 others and the occasion he shoved the linesman.  Ground-breaking stuff.  And lots of pictures of course.

The Mail – click here

The Telegraph – Henry Winter – click here

 The best of the lot.  An astute, well written and balanced match report which details each incident is detail and gives the reader an understanding of the ridiculousness of the decision and how the match played out.  One of the best football reports I’ve read.

Manchester Evening News – click here

On the ‘Manchester City’ section  of their website they lead with Nasri only to be out for a month and Transfer talk along with the ‘top 5 managerial rants’.  Joe Hart doesn’t think it was a goal.  He’s a cheat.  I couldn’t find a match report.

The Daily Mirror – click here

Simon Bird reckons the controversy surrounding the match hides United’s deficiencies.  An incredibly harsh verdict.  However it’s known that journo’s don’t write the headlines and his pice is mostly complimentary about United.  The Mirror favours incredibly short articles and this is no different. There’s only once sentence about the questions Pardew faces regarding team selection.

Oliver Holt’s piece don’t appear online (or I can’t find them anyway).  Here’s what he said in the paper;

Oliver Holt, Daily Mirror

“No fewer than three Newcastle players had been in an offside position as the ball raked the inside of the net. Steven Taylor and Mike Williamson were adjacent, but the third, Yoan Gouffran,  lurking inside the six-yard box, had to evade the path of the shot on its way in. If that’s not interfering with play, then it’s difficult to define what exactly is. Hanging from the crossbar, perhaps?”

The man is a clown.

So that’s what the papers have been saying this week.  I’m down at West Ham next weekend where a defeat (or even a draw) will have meant that all the effort and outrage will have been a waste of time.  I think Gouff and Sissoko have been superb this season, but with Tiote back to his best and Cabaye and Anita playing well, Remy Cisse and HBA could play in the top part of a 4 3 3.  Not the best line up defensively but against poor teams  who can’t recover to going a goal down, why not go for it?


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7 Responses to true faith : READ ALL ABOUT IT (Man City (h))

  1. Clive says:

    Yes it was the wrong decision. I don’t think Yanga-Mbiwa’s foul on Nasri was anything more than a yellow but on another day Cabaye could have picked up two yellows. He seems to lose his head at key moments and other opportunity missed to put himself in the shop window against the big teams.

  2. Tom Bates says:

    Cabaye is one of these players that gets the benefit of the doubt from refs, they’ll tell him one more and you’re off but not every player gets that protection. And as everyone was quick to say Stoke deserved their two reds against us then surely on balance Cabaye and Mbiwa deserved red as well?
    Of course that was compeltely overshadowed by Tiotes disallowed goal, up there with the Mendes / Carroll Old Trafford over the line incident

  3. Tom Bates says:

    Michael, its been going on in Italy for years, the top teams get huge favours from the officials who are pally with the club owners, hence the various points deductions, relegations and sentences for match fixing and thats just the instances where they’ve been caught. I’ve also seen it regualarly in Rangers or Celtic games.
    Did Oliver Holt write that? Shame for him then that a load of ex referees have come out to say the decision to disallow the goal was clearly a wrong one. I was right behind the shot, the fact it flew past Joe Hart had nothing to do with Gouffran being in the box, It was just used as a complete cop out by Hart and the ref. By Holts ruling there would be a hell of a lot of disallowed goals in the league, also the ref has been stood down which say something as well. IMO we got the decisions against Stoke due to being a bigger club, granted nowhere near as controversial as the Tiote decision.

  4. Tom Bates says:

    The worst example of favouritism I saw from a ref was the North Easts own Mark Clattenburg during a Mersyside Derby where he gave every decision to Liverpool, i remember feeling quite disturbed after watching it thinking that the game must have been a bit bent not helped by the fact that days later it transpired that he socialised and was in touch with Carragher, Gerrard and the like in the build up to the game.
    Plus every Man U game at Old Trafford in the Ferguson area was referred by Ferguson himself.

  5. Ian Summers says:

    Match Report in The Independent by Jason Mellor is worth a look! He seems to miss the fact that the offside rule was tweaked a few years ago?

  6. P Jobson says:

    Surely almost every direct free kick should be disallowed as well then. Players clearly offside when the ball kicked AND actively blocking the ‘keepers view by joining the wall, etc. etc.

  7. Davey says:

    Oliver Holt is a Man City fan so hardly a surprise on his views.