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United picked up another impressive away win at Hull on Saturday as we finally did what Newspaperswe’ve threatened to do in several games this season and dish out a hiding away from home.  7 away wins now for the season.  Last season’s disastrous away form has been well and truly put to bed.  With Fulham, Stoke & Soton still to come away from home there is scope for us to best an all time away season record.  With Fulham and Palace to come next, we’re looking up the table rather than down after opening a gap with 9th and well away from the likes of Norwich, Hull and the Saints  – oh just why can’t we compete with these teams!

So enough about the match (as there has been no media reaction to it), and on to the ridiculousness of Alan Pardew.  What he did was mad.  Unhinged and unprofessional.  He’s been fined £100K (I think the maximum they could legally fine him was 6 weeks wages, so that gives us an idea of what he earns a year!) and will face a ban from the FA.  That’s it.  Watching the game, I knew there would be a media shit storm.  The scale of it I could never have imagined.

BBC Coverage

A precedent was set on Saturday evening when Robbie Savage openly called the incident ‘unprovoked’.  Whilst there can be no justification of Pardew’s reaction, it certainly wasn’t ‘unprovoked’.  David Meyler pushed the manager (with a fair bit of force) for absolutely no reason.  He was rightly booked by the referee.  For a MotD pundit to not be called up by his colleagues on this represented the end of the reasoned debate on the subject.  You can watch their analysis below as it’s the first issue on the programme.  They fail to show any highlights footage of the game.  If you think Pardew should be sacked, remember that you agree with Robbie Savage.

I listened to Radio 5’s ‘606’ programme on Saturday (which Savage also appeared on) and to say that the witch hunt began in earnest would be an exaggeration, would be an understatement.  They let one NUFC caller come on and say that Pardew only had the job as he owed Ashley money.  This theory is one of the most ridiculous things I’d ever heard back in 2010.  I presume someone cooked it up as they couldn’t explain Pardew’s appointment and knew Dereck Llambias used to run Casino’s.   Madness.  So for a national broadcaster to allow a supporter to say this (libellous) statement and then discuss it, defies belief.  Can you imagine a caller ringing in about Brendan Rogers and stating a recent allegation made about him (google it) and the caller not being cut off or apologies being made?  It proves that any sensible debate had well and truly gone out of the window as the BBC (of all people) bade for blood.    The programme makes hard listening as Savage makes a string of highly hypothetical claims like the players will refuse to play for Pardew, his authority has been undermined, Newcastle have to sack him for the good of football etc.  Quite staggering stuff for what was essentially an overreaction from Pardew where no one was hurt.

Surprisingly Phil McNulty, the BBC’s chief football l writer (aka top 6 news aggregator) penned a scathing article immediately after the incident.

His article, penned immediately after the match is basically a hatchet job and it set the tone for the coverage on the piece.  He says Pardew has a string of offenses and his contrition is irrelevant in the face of such a poor record.

He cites calling Pelegrinni names. YOU DID WHAT ALAN??  You swore at a manager.  Like loads of managers do on a weekly basis.  He was banned in 2006 for celebrating a goal in front of Wenger.  ALAN HOW DARE YOU DO THAT 7 YEARS AGO.  Then he pushed the linesman, which is the only salient point Mcnulty makes.  Hardly a rap sheet.  Yet McNulty rekons Pardew is a repeat offender.  Give it a rest man.

This is my pick of all the stuff written on Pardew this weekend:

“Pardew must be punished in a manner that will finally convince him that the technical area is not a place where opposition managers and players should be verbally and physically abused. And he must be kept away from it for a very long time.”

‘Physically and verbally abused’.  Clown.  Have a read of this below on Luis Suarez biting a player (the last time there was such a media frenzy of a single incident).  McNulty seems to be a lot less bothered about the whole thing.  He initially criticizes L’pool then praises them and says he understands their position.   One of their players bit someone.

The Guardian Coverage

 United make number 5 in their 9 talking points about the weekend.

Written by Niall McVeigh – “but this snarling, seemingly unprovoked attack was the stuff of pub car parks”.  I don’t think Niall McVeigh has been to a pub before.  Jesus Christ man.

The match report written by James McMath at least reports some of the facts rather than just opinion, as most sports writers have done.  Pardew reckons Souness should keep his trap shut.  He’s right.

I’ve decided not to go into the rest of the national media reaction.  To be fair Neil Warnock on Talk Sport was sticking up for Pardew was saying that kind of thing has happened more often than you think, even in the Championship and the press have latched onto this one despite their being major provocation.

The shite about Pardew’s England managers chances being ‘dealt a blow’ are an embarrassment to the media.  Proper, bona-fide, blatant shit stirring.  Trying to glean every last ounce from a none existent story

 The Hull View

The Hull blog ‘the Amber nectar’ has posted both a match report and some points of discussion.  Worth a read, Their comment about Pardew taking the heat of their poor performance is spot on.  They have a gripe about Pardew and about stewarding towards us and them….I wasn’t aware anything had happened but they’re riled by something.

So overall I’ve not read too much this week as once you’ve read it once, you’ve read it a hundred times.  The national agenda is the same: he should go.  I don’t see why.  If he had actually headbutted someone then I could understand.  He did what scores of players do every weekend.  No one got hurt.  No one died but everyone is angry.

I’ve read a lot of disappointing stuff from some NUFC fans (most who disagree with every single opinion I hold on United so it’s hardly surprising).  Shearer probably falls into that category.  The fact he was mouthing off to Richard fucking Keys about Pardew being sacked is depressing.  Who would take over?  Why should Pardew be sacked yet Alan didn’t get a ban for kicking Neil Lennon in the head?  Which was worse?  Pardew’s the manager but he doesn’t run Killingworth U9’s.  People have been rattling on about the manager setting an example to players.  The players are millionaire adults who surely are capable of making their own decisions.

I noticed that Real Madrid’s players didn’t go about gouging opponents eyes after Mourinho did it to the Barca coach in 2013.  I hope Pardew learns his lesson.  I hope he doesn’t get a stadium ban as there is no precedent or need for this.

Finally, United scored 4 away from home.  It doesn’t happen too often so I still enjoyed the win.  If you’re a Mag and complaining about ‘class’, go and support the Mackems.  They claim to have it in abundance.



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14 Responses to true faith : READ ALL ABOUT IT (Hull City (a))

  1. Kev Connolly says:

    Did Shelvey not do exactly the same before Christmas and get away with it in front of (serial offender) Webb?

  2. David Rutherford says:

    I’m not Pardew’s biggest fan and I do worry about this silly incident strengthening Ashley’s hold over him but I still agree with everything you said, and I’d have the same opinion if it was any other manager. The hysterical outrage from the press and pundits – in particular, as you point out, that bell-end Savage – has been ridiculous: pseudo-outrage, self-righteous in the extreme and riddled with double standards.
    And Shearer and Souness want to shut their fucking holes too. Pardew may have plenty of faults but he’s still well behind those two hypocritical pricks in the race for Shittest Newcastle Manager Ever.

  3. Bob says:

    I imagine everyone agrees it was out of order. The BBC, along with other media outlets seemed to have an agenda. To rely on Robbie Savage, that last bastion of fair play in football, for opinion on this is just ridiculous. Apparently he tweeted earlier about not missing Meylers role in this but completely forgot that on MOTD.
    Ferguson abused officials for years. Of course the FA did sweet FA about him and I don’t recall MOTD ( and then, Ferguson refused to speak to them) making comment about him not being able to control his players on the respect agenda. More likely to see them crowding round refs. Suarez wasn’t sacked for his offence(s) so why do the BBC call for it here? The whole thing has gone crazy I’m just amazed that NUFC acted so quickly and probably reasonably – pity they didn’t do the same when JFK went beserk!

  4. Mick says:

    Biggest laugh was Steve Bruce praising his player for not rolling around on the ground. What does that say about Bruce’s opinion of his players and footballers generally? The thing is mine and probably everybody’s gut reaction was to agree with him! That tell’s me that everyone including managers and pundits think footballers are a bunch of genuine 3D cunts

    • Steve says:

      That was my main issue with the whole thing, football is in such a sorry state, a player who pushed pardew for no reason is being praised for not faking being injured. Fucks sake, has it really come to this…

    • Steve says:

      That’s the worst thing about all this. Meyler, who pushed pardew is then credited with not faking being injured. What a sad statement on modern football. Has it really come to this….

  5. Darren says:

    Fantastic article and echos every point ive been saying since the incident. MOTD were shocking as per normal and its depressing to see Shearer always looking to put our club down these days

  6. Matt Flynn says:

    The reaction to Pardew’s stupidity is part normal 24/7 media hype and part reaping what you sow.

    The management at NUFC have made a lot of enemies over the last six years and have few, if any, friends in the game. It’s only two weeks since the club were banning yet another publication for publishing the kind of unsubstantiated speculation the papers run every day, a week since Pardew was making a tit out of himself by pulling faces at the press box. If there is any anti NUFC agenda here it’s one of the club’s own making.

  7. Bill Dodd says:

    Totally agree with everything you write, Alex. The hypocrisy of the BBC is illustrated by their 6 Nations promo which featured some French “sporting” rugby international shoving his head into the face of an equally charmless Englishman in an identical fashion to Pardew, and this garbage was aired immediately before the hatchet job on Match of the Day.

  8. Chris Lynch says:

    I was watching beIN sports live when it happened and Richard Keys could barely sit behind his desk with the massive hard on he got when it happened. Shearer was out of order in pandering to him but in my eyes it was Keys putting words in his mouth and leading him down the path rather than Shearer himself banging the drum for Pardew to be sacked.

    He shouldn’t have done it, it was stupid, he deserves a punishment but you’d think he’d pulled out a knife and stabbed Meyler from the media reaction. Pathetic.

  9. Alex Hurst says:

    Thanks for the comments, nice to get some positive feedback for a change consdering the weekly stick I take for the pro-pardew stance haha.

    I’m sure we’ll be back to normal after the next defeat.

    It’s never boring at NUFC

  10. dave hetherington says:

    well said alex

  11. Guy HW says:

    Alex, spot on in every regard. Im not Pardews biggest fan but the witch hunt is hysterical. He gets punished and we should all move on.

  12. Chris C says:

    Good read that Alex