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United slumped to our most disappointing defeat of the season on Saturday as relegation Newspapersthreatened Cardiff City left SJP with a place in the 4thround secured. Unlike a lot of people I don’t believe the line ‘not a priority’ means ‘don’t give a fuck’ but this was a competition we should have a great chance of winning.  The 31K crowd seems to indicate that it’s not just club owners who aren’t too arsed about the  FA Cup – a poor turnout and it’s got nothing to do with club statements from fans forum meetings, our cup attendances have been poor for years – before Ashley arrived.

That said I can’t understand not playing a full strength team in this game and bringing in the squad players for West Brom, but I’m not the manager.  I have more time for Pardew than most but his cup record is nothing short of a shambles and needs to be addressed next season. I’m not overly hooped about derby defeats away from home – losing to any shite team bottom of the league is unacceptable, but losing to a patched up Cardiff team at home is not good enough and hurts far more.  I hope we  bounce back against Man City like we did after the Everton and mackem defeats.

The coverage of the defeat was always going to be sparse nationally with so many games going on in one day.   Even with it being the first game for their new gaffer, no media attention was really centred on the match.  The fact that the original ‘super sub’ made two changes to win the game, hasn’t been missed by the nationals.

National Press:

The Guardian:  Considering the lack of media attention, Pardew’s post match comments actually make the Guardian’s ’10 talking points’ football blog (point 6).  Louise Taylor, now very much in love with Pardew, agrees with him that more games should be played in August and September, making the FA cup 3rd round more appealing to clubs to not rest players in.  I can’t say I disagree with either of them but it has no relevance to the weekend’s defeat.  I could understand if we’d lost at Chelsea, but we didn’t.

The Guardian – Talking Points – click here

Taylor’s match report

Louise Taylor’s match report follows the national narrative and talks about Solskjaer being good at making subs.  In fact the first 6 paragraphs of the report are based on this.  It doesn’t really go anywhere after that, strangely just quoting Pardew’s programme notes and the Cardiff manager’s post match interviews.  Not the best match report you’ll ever read.

Louise Taylor – The Guardian – click here

The Mirror:  The closest thing to finding anything about this game on the Mirror’s football page is the breaking news that up to 4 NUFC ‘stars’ could miss this weekend’s match with Cardiff.  Not great for a Monday morning.  Then again it is TRANSFER SEASON and all of their patter is about that, Tim Sherwood, Arsenal and Man U.

Clicking on the United badge at the top of the page leads you to Ben Curtis’ match report.  I’ve not read Curtis’ stuff before but I’m not sure how much of United he’s seen considering he highlights  Steven Taylor and Rob Elliot as part of a ‘strong looking side.’

The match report is actually very detailed and lists a number of flash points not registered elsewhere.  It’s also quite refreshing to read something not made up of pre and post-game managerial quotes. A good report.

The Mirror – click here

Cardiff Reaction:

 Wales Online:  No link to the match on the home page and a lot of rugby craic plus a lot on Swansea’s impressive victory at Old Trafford.  Strangely their other Cardiff patter is an article on Shearer saying he thinks Cardiff’ll stay up.

They do match reports on all Premier League games but I can’t find a match report at all on our game, maybe I’m not looking hard enough or maybe they’re just not bothered.

There was an opinion piece by Terry Phillips on how their new manager has settled in great and already making a difference – really weak stuff in which he spends a few hundred words saying nothing at all and NUFC don’t warrant a mention.  I doubt this bloke actually saw the game.

Wales Online – Click here

 The South Wales Argus carries nothing at all on the game, concentrating on the Newport County Game and rugby as well as Swansea.  They really don’t care. I don’t know what type of relationship the local press have with the club, or Vincent Tan’s regime, but it’s almost like Cardiff City don’t exist in these publications, unless I’m missing something.

Local Press

The Chronicle:  When I logged onto the website their home page runs a feature about how much Steven Taylor is hurting after the cup defeat.  That’s why I don’t read the chronicle.  What a load of bollocks man.

Lee Ryder is scathing in his option piece on the result and insists it’s ‘another black mark against Alan Pardew.’  I can’t disagree with that but the rest of Ryder’s piece will go down well with some but it just seems strange to me.  He talks of how unlike some other jobs Pardew has had, the city is a hot bed of football so carries extra responsibility.  Newcastle United is one of the biggest jobs in the country and in my opinion a huge club, but he’s had the job over three years – Ryder’s comments are baffling in that context and is now really the time?

The piece is very critical of the manager, insisting he’s let all of the fans down – reading between the lines Ryder is adamant Pardew is not up to the job.  I don’t really read his stuff too often but when we were properly shite at the back end of last season, Ryder was nowhere near as opinionated on the manager or the club.  Damning stuff.  If you can’t stand Pardew then this article is for you.

Fair play to Ryder for writing stuff over the last three games that I just wouldn’t associate with him.  I can’t see why he’s turned on Pardew so much after a relatively successful season to date, he remains (from what I’ve seen) silent about the club as a whole and regarding the issues that this fanzine have highlighted.   It wasn’t Pardew who banned him and I listened to the post-game press conference at Palace where Ryder still tried to ask Pardew a question, was cut out by Wendy Taylor, and Pardew answered it anyway, so maybe this has nothing to do with the ban and Ryder is just furious with the state of the team at the moment.

Lee Ryder, The Chronicle – click here


 The national narrative was saved by Solksjaer using subs to win the match… nothing more to see here.  The lack of local coverage on Cardiff is just weird.  Newport County got more coverage than the Blue Birds.  Perhaps I’m missing something but maybe that’s what happens when a club falls out with the local media….

What’s going through Lee Ryder’s mind is anyone’s guess but he’s turned on Pardew.  He’s not the only one.  Many mags turned on him last season and were beginning to be brought back round. Personally most of the three years under Pardew have been decent.  The serious blip last year was slightly offset by trips to Brugge, Bordeaux & Lisbon and this season has been a series of highs and lows to date, with more highs than lows.

One thing is certain though – Ryder’s comments mirror what many are thinking and take out the wins at Old Trafford and against Chelsea this season – Pardew may need to get it right in the cup competitions sooner rather than later when next season comes around.


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