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United picked up an expected defeat at Chelsea.  I didn’t see the game so I don’t feel well Newspapersplaced to comment on the performance (unlike some) but from the highlights the three points were never really under threat for Chelsea and the only positives were that knocked the ball about again, created one or two good chances and it wasn’t 5 or 6.

Roll on Spurs on Wednesday.

Here’s what the press have been saying:

Lee Ryder Evening Chronicle – 

I have no respect for Ryder or anything he writes.  Like many fans, he’s angry and uses the article to snipe at Pardew and believes United are in a false position in 8th.  He talks very little about the game though does make valid points regarding the team the manager was able to put out,.  I think he was banned for the Chelsea home game and seems to believe it was a fluke and suggests Pardew fluked the win against them.  He’s part of the ‘why aren’t you playing players in their proper position’ brigade, which is nonessential to me.

He’s not happy and he doesn’t like Pardew.  I might not agree with his opinions or his reasons but I could stand him more if there wasn’t the endless stream of negativity against the manager regardless of the result or performance.

Stuart Rayner The Journal – 

Rayner laments United’s injury list but believes senior players haven’t stepped up to the plate, particularly Anita (who I sadly don’t rate).  As a result United shot themselves in the foot by not taking chances and gifting Chelsea a couple of goals.  A fairy balanced detailed report and he’s not hopeful for Wednesday.

Dominic Fifield The Guardian 

Fifield unsurprisingly concentrates on Chelsea’s ascent to the top of the League and Edin Hazard’s excellence.   He believes United presented themselves well enough but hit the self-destruct button on more than one occasion and Chelsea really are a team on the rise.

Like many Guardian match reports, much of the article is taken up by post game manager quotes.  Louise Taylor in disguise.

Chelsea reaction – We aint got no history – 

They don’t really talk about United and delight in Hazard’s performance.  They mention we created a few chances in the first half but report is was a very comfortable win, which it was.

NUFC verdict – I Wish I was a Geordie –

 The USA fan site for United again provided an excellent read.  The site is well maintained, easy to read and very well written.  Obviously I’m biased but while writing this piece I tend to have to trawl through 4 or 5 opposition team sites to get a match report of note, with updates only being provided for big games or months apart.  The United blogs I’ve seen so far have been updated quickly, without compromising on the quality of writing.

The Chelsea game features on the front page of the site so you’re straight into it when clicking onto the site.  Their analysis of the Chelsea game mirrors my own – it’s unfortunate to have a ‘what do you expect’ attitude and many fans say we cannot ‘compete’ but there was very little chance of getting anything from the Bridge, as there hasn’t been for much of my time following United (which includes the pre-Abramovich era).

I’m a big fan of positivity (even though you’d be hard pressed to find any at United) but at the end of the piece they have a ‘on the bright side’ section.  They correctly say that the performance qualifies as an improvement on last Saturdays shambles, although that was hardly difficult.

This looks like a great blog and you can follow them on twitter at @NUFC_US

So United remain in 8th, let’s hope on Wednesday we play well and get a point or three against a beatable Spurs team.


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9 Responses to true faith : READ ALL ABOUT IT (Chelsea (a))

  1. Meditative Mag says:

    Very much agree re Wish I was a Geordie. Excellent site.

  2. Lee Ryder did the clubs’ bidding for years. I remember his daily “Mike Ashley will continue to pour millions into the club from his own pocket” nonsense so I find it amusing the author having a go at him. There again, Alex Hurst does “like how the club is run” so I shouldn’t expect owt else.

    • Alex Hurst says:

      ‘Man with no name’ (if that is your real name) I have no problem with Ryder’s opinions. I don’t agree with them, but he like anyone is entitled to them and I won’t, unlike you, criticize anyone for a difference of an opinion on things Newcastle United.

      What gets me is his lack of ability to report on events without adding elements of his personal dislike of the manager. Saying that our home win against Chelsea was a fluke makes him appear small minded and bitter. The Chelsea manager admitted the better team won on the day and his reporting of the Chelsea defeat at the weekend isn’t aided or improved by the little snipes he has at the manager.

      He still rarely criticizes Ashley by name instead going for Pardew.

      • David Rutherford says:

        I’m never been Ryder’s biggest fan and the Chronicle is far from perfect but at no point in that match report does he say the win against Chelsea at St James’ Park was a fluke – on the contrary he actually references Pardew’s successful game plan on that glorious day. Also, he and everyone else who writes for the Chronicle (Gibson, Cameron, Rob Lee, Mick Quinn etc. Basically everyone apart from that arse-licking cretin Moncur) criticise Ashley on an almost daily basis. Not for the first time it appears the most vocal critics of the paper are those who never read it.
        And while I fully accept that the enormous problems at NUFC run far deeper than the manager, and would be extremely wary of the effect sacking him would have on the squad (not least due to the fact that no other boss with half a brain would touch the job) I think dismissing criticism of him as nothing more than ‘negativity’ is to spectacularly ignore the bigger picture. Those of us who actually saw the game on Saturday watched a team put out by a manager who clearly didn’t have a clue: take his best 11 away from him and his tactics and selection are nothing more than a joyless variation on pin-the-tale-on-the-donkey, and his press conference comments (implying everything is rosy at NUFC. Calling the recent criticism of the club from fans, ex-players and pundits ‘strange’) were fucking shameful.

        • Alex Hurst says:

          David, I suppose the term:

          “Newcastle had already beaten Chelsea once this season but lightning didn’t strike twice for Pardew”

          could be viewed differently than how I’ve viewed it and I suppose my view of the comment is a reflection on how I view Ryder and his articles. So I did read the article and I have a daily subscription to the Journal and buy the Chronicle around 3 times a week – so I have no idea how this compares to your purchasing of NCJ Media publications, but who really cares anyway.

          I’ve yet to see Ryder vent on Ashley, but I may have missed this – a real possibility considering I ignore his pieces except for the purposes of penning this article.

          Similarly, if you’d read any of the other ‘read all about it’s’ on tf you’d discover Pardew has come in for criticism from me on several occassions.

          I like him and he’s doing a good job. I’ll happily provide facts to back that up and if you disagree then fine we’ll go on supporting Newcastle United – but you’re totally wrong labelling me as someone who dismisses any criticism as ‘negativity’. My issue with Ryder’s pieces are that regardless of poor or good results (there have been a few of those remember) he’ll only mention the manager by name to criticize him – a perfect example being our victory at West Ham (which was a good day for those who actually watched it and those of us that were there).

          That’s his privilege as a professional sports journalist and he has every right to say what he says as people pay him for his opinion, but if you’re going to dismiss my criticism without reading the articles then you’re no different to what you’re accusing me of doing.

  3. Alex, you have ‘no problem with Ryder’s opinions’ do you not ? And yet you say”I have no respect for Ryder or anything he writes” in this very article, make your mind up dude !

    • Alex Hurst says:

      Ryder is entitled to his opinion like the rest of us, I don’t think much of it as he most likely wouldn’t mind if he saw it, which is fine. That’s the point I was making

  4. Alex Hurst says:


    • David Rutherford says:

      Okay, I take your points on board Alex, but I feel you completely got the wrong end of the stick with regards to his comments about the home game against Chelsea and as you’ve admitted you don’t read all of his stuff in the Chronicle or even buy it every day you’re possibly not well placed enough to judge him on his supposed relentless negativity.
      As I said before, Ryder may not be perfect but I maintain he’s criticised Ashley continuously since last season and never more so in recent months. He’s also given Pardew credit where its due in the last few months (even some of his staunchest critics have conceded he’s done well in several games) but let’s be honest, there’s also plenty of times when he’s fully deserved the stick he’s got and Saturday was one of them.
      You’re right though, I’ve read several of your pieces on here and I know you’re not a blind Pardew apologist – they are every bit as tedious as the tunnel-visioned anti-Pardew brigade and I have little time for either extreme. But you can’t deny his many faults are plain to see. When the chips are down, his selections, tactics, formations, subsititutions, excuses, lies, backtracking and, most shamefully, his passive acceptance of the club’s ‘policy’ (see the disgraceful starting 11 for our annual solitary FA Cup game) make it increasingly hard to trust him and see him as anything other than an average manager. And the tactical masterstrokes I’ll happily admit he pulled off against Chelsea, Spurs, Man U and even Liverpool, or the assured, comfortable away victories against the likes of Crystal Palace and West Ham are starting to look more and more like the stark exceptions to the rule.
      So I’ll continue to praise him when he deserves it but I and others are finding it increasingly difficult not to see him as a huge part of the problem at this wretched football club.