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Six defeats in a row for a poor United side.  Last night the manager put out United side Newspaperswho put up even less of a fight that West Ham United did recently at the Emirates – and West Ham want their manager out.  The West Ham fans are receiving a fair bit of sympathy in the media for their plight.  Strangely, United fans were lambasted in the media for not accepting our lot under Allardyce.   Contrast that to this article about United and Allardyce:

This article is from 2010.  I’m not sure if the author has quite got his tongue out of Allardyce’s arse yet but the way he allows Allardyce to basically say everything about his United reign was everyone else’s fault but his.  Maybe after Allardyce leaves West Ham the media will allow him to talk utter shite about his previous employers and their fans – but I doubt it.  This is relevant today as the way media perceive Newcastle United hasn’t changed since then.  United fans are above their station and the national journalists are terrified of having to travel up to the North East regularly if anyone ever made a proper go of United.  They want us kept in our place. Hence the scandalous coverage of Sam Allardyce’s reign at United.

Therefore at the current shambles that is Newcastle United the fact that media are starting to ramp up the pressure on our manager tells you a lot considering how much they hate us.  It’s becoming visible to even the most anti-mag journalist that Pardew needs to go.  I’d imagine no tears are being shed for United’s dramatic and public downfall in the newsrooms across the country (London) but at the moment NUFC are damaging the integrity of the Premier League.  The lack of competiveness from this United team, as we collected enough points before New Years  Day, is scandalous.

This Guardian article spells out the predicament we found our self in quite well.

I don’t really understand grown up people scrawling anti-Pardew slogans on bed sheets, after they’ve paid their money to go into the ground to watch the match.  It was the same at Stoke when every time Stoke had a shot people decided to boo.  Just don’t go if you’re going to be angry that the opposition will have a shot.

However at least the media have picked up the discontent, and it would appear from Pardew’s words that his job is indeed under threat.  However nothing Alan Pardew ever says, ever happens.


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9 Responses to true faith : READ ALL ABOUT IT (Arsenal (a))

  1. AndyMac says:

    “I don’t really understand grown up people scrawling anti-Pardew slogans on bed sheets, after they’ve paid their money to go into the ground to watch the match”

    Are you for real ? Or just winding people up ? As far as I can recall, paying to watch a match doesnt prevent you from doing any of the above ?

    How does the average fan get to voice an opinion and have it broadcast on a national TV channel ?

    You need to give that head a shake m8

    • David Rutherford says:

      It’s all good and well protesting by not going to the match at all but it’s a fruitless exercise sitting at home where no-one can see or hear you. Ideally I’d like people not to go in their tens of thousands but until that pipe dream becomes reality then waving banners and singing songs is all we’ve got.

  2. Chris C says:

    Usually like this piece but it’s misplaced to have a pop at those who are bothered enough to make banners, sign, shout and do whatever else they can to get there dissatisfaction with the club across, as both the other posts says how else / what better way to get your message across and have it broadcast by the media.

  3. Alex Hurst says:

    I don’t have a problem with the notion of banners etc at football but the reason I’m not sold by people doing it to get rid of managersis two fold:

    1) Because of the guarantee of getting on TV – you’ll often find one or two representing thousands of people. I went to Man City away a few years ago midweek.. We got beat 3 0 and it ended up being Souness’ last game.

    However there was a minor kick off in the half full away end, as some lads produced their ‘Souness Out’ banner at the start of the game – most of us travelling that night wanted Souness gone, but we’d gone to support the team – not complain about the manager while we had a chance of competing for much needed points – the 2 lads who took the banner automatically represneted the other 1,498 there – and regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the message – I think that’s wrong. If NUFC had won that night, then the lads holding up the banner would have made the headlines. You may say that getting rid of Pardew now is more important than a positive result in one game – but I think most people paying a lot of money would rather see the team win or play well – than travel down, just to make a point about a manager.

    If that’s what you travel to see your team for, to make a point – I think you’re a tit.

    Songs – fine. At least you have thousands of people getting involved so it’s reprasentative.

    2) I cannot see me, or anyome I know heading down to Asda, buying a bed sheet and some permanent marker pens, and scrawling a message on a banner. Say what you want but maybe I just hang around with the wrong people, as I find that behaviour odd.

    • David Rutherford says:

      You make a decent point about that Souness game, and I’ve always been critical of fans booing or protesting against their own manager as it simply doesn’t make the team play better (see Benitez at Chelsea). However, NUFC in April 2014 is simply like no other club and I’d be surprised if you meet many fans who give a shit whether we win again this season anyway. I know I don’t, in fact I hope we get beat by Cardiff and Liverpool and finish outside the top ten.
      Things have simply gone ridiculously, catastrophically too far but let’s not forget how much patience Pardew’s been granted. It’s taken a bloody long time for the fans to vocally attack him – he’s enjoyed far more good will than he deserves especially since his tactical shortcomings and tendency to tell bare-faced lies have been painfully obvious since halfway through last season. No other club would have got to this stage and STILL been saddled with a flush as hopelessly busted as Pardew and the fact that we are, despite his record-breaking, career-ending run tells you that all bets are off with regards to the normal etiquette of fan/club interractions. If it bothers you, Alex, why not counter-act wave a flag saying ‘Pardew’s The Man for Me’? I’m all for a bit of balance (insert winky face thing).
      I personally won’t be waving a banner on Saturday but I fully intend to walk out on 60 minutes and hopefully if the idea gains support there’ll be a few thousand doing the same. It’s already been mentioned in the national press so you never know, we may just grow some collective balls yet.

  4. Alex scott says:

    How else would they make their point. If they tried to hold banners up at home games they’d be taken down. Away games are often the only way to do it.
    Songs do not get the exposure via tv which is unfortunately often the only chance fans get to protest. If those people want to express their opinions in that way so be it.
    Nothing stopping anyone taking a banner saying Pardew stay. Any takers??

  5. big mikey says:

    Isnt it a sign of all our frustrations that we are virtually arguing amongst ourselves as regards the appearance of and possible merits of banners at the last few away games. As I see it, it is the total lack of passion and commitment shown by the whole squad,yes that includes Ashley,Pardew,Carver,Stone and all the numpties who masquerade as our football players. I am personally sick of the “shite” emitting from our manager in trying to justify his existance instead of instilling passion back into the players. I for one,half hope Cardiff win on Saturday just to put the pressure back on the “unwashed” and that Pardew and the rest of the “clowns” resign with immediate effect. Some hope!

  6. Dave says:

    We’ll said Big Mikey. I’ve held back and tried not to jump on the “Pardew Out” bandwagon but as you allude to, enough is enough. it’s his bloody smarmy comments and endless excuses with the little cheeky “I’m unsackable” grin that really gets my goat. I know his hands have been tied having not had a permanent signing for over 18 months, but surely he and his so called “coaching” team can get something out of our players, many who are regular internationals because the continued dross we’ve had to endure wouldn’t be tolerated at any other club. If he could just grow a pair and tell us the bloody truth he just might get some respect, but as we damn we’ll know, that’ll never ever happen!

  7. Joe says:

    Sorry, but I don’t think that the guardian piece sums up anything other than further evidence on the difference in expectations between Newcastle United fans and what the rest of the country (now including the manager himself) seemingly thinks what following a football club – indeed the game of football itself – is all about.

    AP: “Although we’re playing a good team, they still expect us to win.”
    No Alan, all we ask is a little application & some display of effort. The results will take care of themselves once that is in place.

    AP: “If Cardiff think it’s important for them on Saturday, it’s important for us to finish in the top 10, too, believe me.”
    It’s not. It simply is not important for us to finish in the Top 10. In fact, it doesn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of the season. Although they may try to appeal to our hearts & minds with statements about how everyone at the club – from the captain to the tea lady – is on a financial incentive for a top 10 finish, that has very little to do with the progress of the club, and actually just highlights the regime’s ambition of mediocrity. It may matter to the jewlers & car dealers of the North East if the players don’t gain whatever stupid amount they’ve been promised for finishing above 11th, but not in the real world.

    I really think that the media in general have to get over their obsession with the end-of-season table before they can see how rotten things are at SJP.