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United were humiliated at the hands of a deeply mediocre Sunderland side whose Newspapersorganisation and work rate shadowed our own.  In reality our chances of winning this game went when Remy thrust his head into the coward Bradley Johnson.  Goufrann was a major miss, as I’m sure Davide Santon will tell you.  Even Cisse was a miss.  Colo is crucial to our defence – but when Taylor gets a game ahead of Yanga (the same Yanga who was excellent with Williamson earlier this season) we basically look like conceding every time the opposition attacks.

Why was Ben Arfa not played on the right?  Why did we play 2 in midfield against their 3 and why did Pardew panic again at half time (just like last year) when hoying a forward on when we were being overrun in midfield  Unlike many of you reading this, I like Pardew and this season (and over his tenure) he’s provided more highs than lows and more good management than bad, but he was fucking rank yesterday, as were his players.

Maybe the media coverage will shed some light on the baffling decisions and performance.

Sky Sports Analysis 

Peter Fraser analysis the match and on first glance I thought it was going to be shrewd tactical analysis of the game.  A lot of quotes about transfers, more craic about transfers and the blame at Ben arfa’s door.  Ben Arfa was awful but does anyone know where he was playing?  I think he was given 4 positions throughout the match.  AM, LW, RW and CM.  What do you expect will happen.  Sissoko should have started in midfield and HBA on the right.  When he was belatedly moved out there why wasn’t the full back bombing on, helping out and creating space.  A poor piece that doesn’t really look at our tactical failings despite the fancy graphics.

The Guardian

The Guardian has a lengthy list of established and knowledgeable football writers.  Unfortunately Louise Taylor isn’t one of them.  Lots of quotes and anecdotes, very little about the game.

No analysis of why we lost or why the mackems were made to look like Brazil.

The Express

Like the Guardian, the Express pay more attention to Poyet’s record against United than our failings on the pitch. Poor.

The Chronicle

 Neil Cameron, who normally infinitely more readable than Ryder, reckons Pardew’s searching for excuses for the defeat.  I thought Pardew’s post match reaction was accurate.  We were shite, the first goal was important, mackems deserve to win and again we were shite.

This juxtaposes Cameron’s other piece about it not really being Pardew’s fault. Weird.

Ryder’s match report, to his credit, actually describes what happened during the match by detailing key events and some of the reasons behind United’s failure;

The Mackem response:

No chance.


For some reason I found myself watching the highlights.  Maybe I just wanted to see that Steven Taylor had actually allowed Jack Colback to shift the ball onto his left foot and get a shot off and not dreamt it.  The analysis didn’t really feature United at all, and oddly picked up Bardsley and Johnson who were almost anonymous.  Bardsley had nothing to do and Johnson had one shot.  Sunderland’s CB’s and midfield three won them the game, so as ever, Hansen and Murphy were way off the mark.

NUFC blog – ‘Black and White and Read All Over’

This week I’ve looked at the Black and White and read all over blog.

At first glance the blog is well maintained material and opinion is constantly posted.  The blog has been running for years and the format is simple and easy to use.  The lads who write it clearly care about United and devote a fair bit of time to following United.

Obviously fan sites and blogs aren’t under the pressure of deadlines and first time drafts that newspapers are, but on the other hand the lads who write the blogs aren’t paid professionals and do this in their spare time.

Therefore it’s spiriting and confusing at the same time to see that the right up on this blog is far more accurate, analytical and enjoyable than anything in the national media.  There isn’t just a load of quotes copied and pasted with a couple of ‘ITK’ anecdotes but genuine attention to detail and ability to read what went wrong and why.

They also find positives to every game, which are funny and original as well as a nice touch. I find it hard to disagree with anything they say, and considering some of the stick I take from other United fans on social media and in the comments section of this blog, that’s saying something.

This is a cracking blog and well worth a read.  Worth visiting regularly, which is something I will be doing.

So it’s taken a blog written by United fans to get any proper analysis of the game.  This was a low point. Another low point. I like Pardew.  I enjoyed my trips to Old Trafford, Upton Park and Villa Park this season. For much of the season we’ve played excellent football and we’re performing at the right end of the table.  I hope Pardew turns it round and we get back on track.  Talk of people jacking it in seems absurd to me but each to his own.

From writing this blog, since January it’s apparent that the media are lazy.   They’re happy to accept the mackems won this game because Bobby Robson didn’t like Poyet and we lost Cabaye.  It’s taken a fan written blog to get some perspective and analysis.


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11 Responses to true faith : READ ALL ABOUT IT (Sunderland (h)

  1. Tom Bates says:

    Alex, you like Pardew? this is a man who is a blatant liar who loves himself, yes we have had some good results but in a seasaon with no injuries uip till now and the quality of players we have I would say we should expect top 8 especially as we have no cup games to distract us.

    • Charles Scott says:

      Sadly Kinnear and Pardew are lying based on historical evidence. I’m wondering if that cAshley lad employed them knowing the Toon fans would direct their abuse and finger pointing away from him. Kinnear and co are puppets and act as a diversion. Like most fans we know there is only one real tyrant at NUFC, Mike cAshley

  2. Alex Hurst says:

    Yes I like Pardew Tom. How is he a liar? The arguments against him just don’t stack up….

    Many, including many writters at tf – thought we’d be battling relegation this season. Yet he’s got us playing good football and given me some cracking days this season. We’ve been competitive against the better teams and generally the season has been a success.

    Bar Pocchetino, I wouldn’t swap him for any of the other managers beneath us in the league.

    When I started following NUFC home and away in my teens, we were dog shit. Under Roeder, Souness and Alardyce we spent a fortune on bottom half finishes and terrible football.

    I simply cannot understand why people are angrier now than they’ve ever been.

  3. Tom Bates says:

    Alex, he pretends he knows nothing about what is going on above him, he makes statements regarding transfers that turn out to be utter tosh, he claims we cant compete with Soton etc, he acted like he knew nothing about Cabayes transfer which was contradicted by Cabaye, I could list many more examples. However I agree with you that the football is better than under Allardyce and Souness, and Roeders second season, his first half season was excellent but that is largely down to Graham Carrs talent for spotting good players IMO. The anger is not towards the players but due to the total contempt shown by the manager and the owners towards the fans, the stated disinterest in the cups and the obvious lack of ambition.
    With that squad there is no way they should be battling relegation despite the disaster that was last season, we have some quality players but not much back up mind. I will give Pardew credit for our away results this year though and respect your opinion as you write a lot of good stuff.

  4. Tom Bates says:

    Not saying I particularly respect the blokes opinion but Stan Collymore reckoned early on in the season that with the likes of Cabaye, Tiote, Sissoko, Remy, Gouffran, Krul, etc we should be looking to finish in the top 6. I think some Pardew fans really over play the whole overachieving thing (gives us all something to argue about in the pub though).
    Last season was the worst I have seen in terms of performances, not points, 9 home defeats, 6-0, 3-0 nil home defeats, a horrendous goal difference, maybe one good home performance all season v Chelsea, crap away form. This season we have done better but it is so demoralising to watch them throw it away for more cash. Pardews attitude towards the cups rankles with me as well.

  5. Alex Hurst says:

    I don’t think he’s lying mate, he’s just made to look a fool by those above. More specifically he’s totally and utterly exposed by the lack of an MD.

    United miss Derek Llambias. Pardew will not talk to Joe Kinnear. We know he doesn’t talk to Ashley. There’s a power vaccum and information is passed from hand to the other without anyone knowing what is going on.

    I don’t think Mike Ashley is kiiling my club and I don’t think the club lacks ambition. I think Pardew is the man for the job.

    That doesn’t mean that Ashley can be a buffoon and Pardew a fool. Saturday was rank. But I stopped caring about the mackems long a go, I really did. I’m just not hooped about the derby.

    I’m not going to let one game ruin a season, (ok, two games.)

    I enjoy watching United more than I did before Ashley and Pardew. That’s just my take on it, others totally disagree and on social media I get loads of stick about it.

    In addition, compared to England’s humiliation over the winter, maybe I’m just immune to defeats by rivals as nothing can get worse than that.

  6. Tom Bates says:

    Shocking tour from England without a doubt.
    Who knows maybe in 10, 20 years time when people look back at the Ashley / Pardew era your opinion might be the accepted one but I cant agree with it meself.
    Theres less mercanaries in the squad these days because we dont pay the big wages which can work as a positive for team spirit as players are coming for football reasons (though France’s tax rate has a lot to day with players signing for us. I think Graham Carr has been the most important person at the club, signing young, keen, pacy, talented footballers bringing those players in on a modest budget has kept us going. I notice pardew doesnt claim credit for the transfers any more as he has distanced himself from that side of it to save face. You must agree though Alex that more money should have been re-invested in the squad, if the foundations are there with a good team and mangager in your opinion why not add 3 or 4 players and try to be the ‘next Everton’?

  7. STEPHEN says:

    Laudrup, i’d have him.

    Alex, you read The Telegraphs transcript from saturday’s press conference ?

    Pardew is solely to blame for saturday, he’s been here 3 years and he knows the drill. We are a selling club like almost every other club, we’ve got a shit owner like many have. He’s got to have what he’s got – ‘his group’ – up and ready for games like that they were not. Clueless absolutely clueless. His time is up. The men above him are laughing at him. He’s got no balls ! even the press officer is dictating to him.

  8. Alex Hurst says:

    Steven have you actually ready the blog???

    I said Pardew’s tactics were terrible!

  9. Tom Bates says:

    Alex, I think most fans issue with Pardew is he was appoInted with full knowledge of the transfer system Ashley had in place and his role as patsy. To paint him as some innocent party in all this is niave. he certainly wasnt apponited for his track record, which has actually improved in his time at NUFC. He is as culpable as the others are and is certainly decieving the fans. You could argue that his results are all that matter, his results are mixed overall. Cabaye dropped him in it with his comments,lies will come back to haunt him in the end. I understand as you are a fan who goes to away games that you have enjoyed some notable away results this year and remain in the Pardew camp.

  10. STEPHEN says:

    Alex have you actually read how to spell my name ???