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I travelled to Stoke on Saturday and saw an improved, but still impotent United succumb Newspapersto defeat to the most average of Stoke sides.  Much has been made in the media of Stoke’s new improved style of football under Mark Hughes this season – I saw nothing of thatas Stoke continued to foul, cheat and hoof their way to move within three points of a United side ‘having a decent season’ according to the manager.

Yes we should have had a pen, and were a tad unfortunate to lose – but on the back of the horrible run we’ve had and the performances we’ve been putting in, we don’t deserve any luck.

I think there’s only one aspect of the media reaction to United this weekend and that’s Pardew’s claim that the local media are to blame for the fan disillusionment which lead to songs on Saturday calling for his removal.  Saturday was a horrible day following United.  A large section of away contingent intent on only abusing the manager and team, right from the start of the game.  ‘Booing’ every time Stoke had a shot and berating and abusing every player (especially Shola) and then treating Ben Arfa like some kind of God.  You also had fans kicking off with other fans for not singing anti-Pardew songs and then a minority racially abusing Shola Ameobi throughout the game.  But it’s all Ashley and Pardew’s fault that we have people going on like this, what else are they to do?

Following United is brutal at the moment for a number of reasons.

Pardew’s post match patter lead to the following headline:

A great headline and well put together, in a short period of time.

Looking at the string of defeats – you have to wonder whether there is any way back for Pardew.  I think there is – win the last 4 games of the season and all will be well.  But as there is literally no chance of that happening he will do well to survive the summer.  The looks on the players faces as they were roundly abused by the away support at heading off for half time was full of contempt.  Contempt for us, contempt for the club.  Pardew rightly feels aggrieved he doesn’t have Cabaye, Ba or Remy to call on.  That’s the problem with only have one or two good players in a squad though.  Their absence creates a chasm which cannot be bridged by cheap buys from anywhere, despite the value of the deal in United’s favour.

Is there any truth in Pardew’s complaint?  Well fan dissatisfaction certainly has nothing to do with the local press (which Pardew must read).  I read very little of it and I can see this is the end for Pardew.  The discontent will be loud on Saturday against Pardew.

However I’d agree he’s been given a rough ride in sections of the local media.  The likes of Mark Douglass and Neil Cameron of the Journal have been fair in their assessments of United whenever I’ve read their stuff.

What Pardew is probably referring to is the campaign Lee Ryder has had against our manager ever since he was banned from St James’ Park.  Ryder penned this bizarre article this weekend;

I can’t really understand how Ryder has managed to link the Stoke City lady’s comment to what’s going on at United, and her comment was just an excuse to have another go at the manager.  What I find interesting is that Pardew, at away games, has sometimes over ridden the PR people to answer Ryder’s questions.

In the above article Ryder has claimed he gave the manager plenty of plaudits when things were going well earlier in the season and that the Chronicle got behind the team during last season’s relegation scare.  It’s been a while a while since I’ve read or commented on any of Ryder’s stuff for the purposes of penning this article and it’s satisfying to see the stream of self-serving bull shit hasn’t ceased.

I would say Ryder went out of his not to mention Pardew, his tactics or subs in any of United’s impressive victories earlier this season.  He incredibly critical when things go wrong of the manager.

Take the Man Utd away victory earlier this season;

Not one mention of an impressive tactical set up or any praise for the manager.  Contrast it to the Arsenal defeat when we went into the game one point off 4thplace (Christ that’s a painful stat);

Ryder has been dishing it out to Pardew all season and not been willing to give the manager any credit – that’s what probably riles Pardew.  It probably riles him that there is yet another pointless poll on the Chronicle website which rather than asking is Pardew should be sacked (which saw an 86% approval rating last week) instead asks what fans think of Ashley, Charnley and Pardew as a team. Utterly pointless.

That’s what local newspapers do though.  I stayed in Chester  over the weekend for the Stoke game.  Their local paper was spouting shite about Conference Chester City – that’s what they do.

If Pardew is going to let the likes of Lee Ryder get under his skin, then NUFC, and football management at the highest level, is not for him


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17 Responses to true faith : READ ALL ABOUT IT

  1. Rob says:

    Compared to some of the journos in the NE (including those who have appeared on the TF podcast like George Caulkin and Mark Douglas), Lee Ryder is very very poor. I thought once he got banned and turned himself into the seeker of truth and justice that he might start actually digging some stuff up and being an actual journalist…

    • Alex Hurst says:

      I agree Rob – I think the local press as a whole have been incredibly patient and fair towards Pardew. He just needs tro stop reading Ryder’s drivel. Not that it makes any difference though – he should be above it.

      • David Rutherford says:

        He should be above it, without doubt, but it’s been obvious for a while that Pardew doesn’t think the way most managers do. Seriously, can you think of another boss in history who has lied to his fans as much as this cretin?

  2. joe hawkins says:

    Ryder was like one of Ashley’s scribes until the ban!

    • David Rutherford says:

      That’s not true. He’s far from perfect but he’s been vocal in his dislike of Ashley and the way the club is ran for a long time and critical of Pardew since at least halfway through last season.

  3. mikey says:

    While i don’t like him and think he’s a Patsy (as well as being not that good) calling on Pardew to be sacked is a backing for Ashley.

    You are asking *Ashley* to do something for *you* to make things better. No matter who is the manager we will still be an ambition free club selling our best players. That is the problem. We should be focussed entirely on Ashley.

    He’s the one destroying the club. Pardew is just getting wages and cracking on

  4. Malcolm says:

    The buck stops with Ashley.

    While Ryder clearly has an issue with Pardew, Pardew should rise above it – he’s played into Ryders hands with his ridiculous comments.

    He has lost all credibility but who would work under Ashley?

  5. joe hawkins says:

    This is what f**ks me off the most!
    When you hear the mantra, “Who Else Would Work For Ashley”?
    There would be loads of managers who would want to come and ply their trade here.
    Even if the said appointment is another “Yes Man” as long as they know how to set a team up and how substitutes are supposed to change a game for you, And also have a plan B when things do not work out.
    They don’t have to be Johan Cryff to know how to get a team playing passing and attacking football.
    A team managed by Pardew can barely do the basics on a football pitch and this has happened where ever this charlatan has been.

    As soon as he got the job at Newcastle former West Ham and Arsenal centre half Stewart Robson called him a “Long Ball Con man” who only talks attacking football.
    I was looking at a Southhampton blog from his time there and you would have been forgiven for thinking you were on a Newcastle Blog.
    The headline read, “Pardew Is Officially Useless” with fans citing the same thing as they are now:
    Bizarre substitutions.
    No plan B.
    Doesn’t know how to set his team up.
    Plays everyone out of position.
    He has lost the plot.
    He’s clueless etc

    You could keep him here for years and he will never change or become better at what he does, He is without doubt a creature of habit.
    You can go on a Charlton Website and they absolutely hate him with a passion.
    They say he single handedly ruined everything Alan Curbishley had done at the club.
    They reckon he ruined their whole philosophy of football and they have never been the same since.
    Everywhere he has been it is the same story, He has had a good run here and frankly has had an easy ride with the fans despite a hell of a lot of poor performances.
    The man has not improved from last season imo and there is no excuses of Europe for him to harp on about!

    He is f**kin’ useless and it’s high time this classless moron went back to fixing windows!

    Over ground, Underground waffling free,
    The w*nker of Wimbledon, Common is he!
    Making no use of the players he finds,
    Picked up by Ashley, Other clubs leave behind!

    • Hoglan says:

      I don’t think anyone disputes that there would be interested in a vacant managers position at NUFC – we are a premier league team.


      He won’t pay top wages, Pardew is one of the worst paid managers in the premier league. Top attract top management you need to pay the going rate.

      Ashley is highly unlikely to take a chance on a foreign manager. Any replacement for Pardew is likely to be in the Curbishley, Brown, Adkins territory.

      So the question isn’t “Who Else Would Work For Ashley” but “Who is Ashley more likely to appoint?”

  6. David Rutherford says:

    I agree with you, to be honest. Ashley and the way the club is run is the main problem and getting rid of him should be where the lion’s share of our rage is channelled towards but jesus christ, a different manager, any manager, would at the vey least be a step up from Pardew. This mythical new bloke may well be another puppet but for now, in the absence of any attempt to organise a united boycott, we’re stuck with this kind of set-up so why not at least have a boss who play people in position, tries to score goals, leaves a striker or two up top when the opposition has a corner, trains the keeper to do make a short pass when there’s a counter attack on rather than holding onto the ball for five seconds before launching a long pass into the clouds and straight at their centre half anyway? Y’know, the basic stuff.
    The only thing that concerns me about the prospect of Ashley sacking him is the nasty feeling that it may in some way let the owner off the hook – you just know some of the more knuckleheaded among our support would probably think Ashley a hero if he sacked him, which at the end of the day is dangerous thinking: it’s all down to Ashley that we’ve been stuck with this clueless clown for so long, deflecting attention away from the fat crook should never be an option.

  7. joe hawkins says:

    The ultimate goal should be to rid ourselves of the fat parasite, But in the meantime Pardew is validating the fat man’s tenure with his constant fawning and toadying of the regime.
    We all know he is only going to employ people who are compliant to him regardless of their qualifications to do a job.
    I wouldn’t mind if Pardew was any good but his C.V proves otherwise and Ashley could at least get a dupe who can play football in the right manner!

  8. David says:

    I don’t need to read the local or national press to make my mind up about how crap we are. Its irrelevent. I simply pay my money and watch the games.

  9. WhoArYa says:

    We are 9th

    Grow up

  10. David R says:

    Sorry, but the “let’s be happy we’re 9th” argument is is just ignoring reality. Take away the 22 pts we got from 9 matches in Nov and Dec, and Maestro Pardew has helped us acquire 24pts from 25 matches this season. Add that to last season’s feeble tally and you can see we’ve been shite for the last two seasons with a brief respite last Christmas.

    Or take the fact that, since Boxing Day we’ve scored twice at JP in 8 matches (that’s two goals in twelve hours of “football”) Our opponents in those games have scored 17 times, while the two we scored came so late they almost didn’t register.

    Then let’s see who’s scored our home goals this season – out of 19 goals, Remy’s got 7 and Cabaye 2. Anyone who thinks that Remy will be with us next season to pull us out of the mire again needs to give their heads a good, hard shake. Aye, we are 9th now, but under current “leadership” next season we’ll be 19th – if we’re lucky.

  11. P Jobson says:

    ‘we are 9th ‘ – you also forgot the mention we made the 3rd round of the FA Cup as well. Get the open top bus prepared.
    We get what we deserve if that is the sum of your ambition

    • David Rutherford says:

      We’re only just clinging onto 9th anyway. The way things are going we could end up 11th and if it means Pardew et al missing out on their bonuses then I sincerely hope we do.