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Before we move to putting together the next issue of true faith, which will be out on tf113_cover_ipad8/Sep/14, we thought we would feature a short promotional film concerning true faith (TF113) which is our first issue of the new season.

We have had fantastic feedback from readers regarding the latest issue but we hope this promo gives an added flavour of what we’re about to those that haven’t yet signed up for the fanzine in its new expanded DIGITAL format.

Since 1999 we have been putting out true faith, previously in a hard-copy format but now in DIGITAL which means we are able to offer a bigger, better, faster and cheaper fanzine for our readers at home and abroad.

Our quality of writing is as strong if not stronger as ever with the lay-out and design never better.

We now do 10 issues per season (an increase on the previous 8) and each issue has 100 pages (minimum) and that represents an increase from the hard-copy of 64-pages.

The cost of true faith has plummeted for all readers but especially for exiles and ex-pats who were being hammered by postage costs in the old hard-copy format.

The service has improved enormously because as soon as you subscribe you get instant access. No waiting days and weeks for the post and no copies being lost in the mail.

For those closer to home, quite frankly our distribution arrangements had become unreliable and we had loads of readers who were telling us seeking copies of true faith was akin to hunting looted Nazi war treasures from newsagents on Tyneside.

All subscriptions get immediate access to an archive of 30+ back issues and that is at absolutely no extra cost. So, its all much better now – the fanzine is bigger, better, faster and cheaper.

This is the fanzine of the future.

We are at the earliest stages of working with the technology but already we’ve added some bells and whistles you tell us you love as much as our old school columns that we are continuing to run and will do so until you tell us you are sick of them.

With the profit we make from true faith, we intend to re-invest every penny into improving what we offer here and elsewhere and have some real Fancy Dan ambitions to improve what we bring to you. We need an income though to make those investments however.

Fanzine culture is changing and we want to lead the way. We have the best supporters at Newcastle United and we are determined that Newcastle United has the best independent fanzine coverage as well. We need your support obviously to achieve that.

Its £17.99 for an annual subscription but you might fancy the quarterly subscription of £5.99 instead. Just click here to get sorted.

Anyway, kick back and have a  watch of our promotional video, its only a few minutes long. It has been put together by Matt Flynn, the Barrack Road Francis Ford Coppolla and the music has been supplied very kindly by true faith’s very own super-star DJ himself, Emile Strunz aka Neil Smith.



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