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As you know for a good few years now Taylor & Besty have been providing you all with the tf_podcast_newlogobrilliant true faith : PODCAST which has built up a massive following amongst our readers and the Newcastle United support more widely.

What you didn’t know was that the PODCAST has been costing money to produce and without an income of its own to cover the costs, its been running at a loss. That’s fair enough you might think, after all, no-one forced them at gun-point to produce a PODCAST, so its their problem.

However, we do know now that the PODCAST has a massive following which really values the PODCAST and its become a massive part of our independent coverage of the club – always honest, entertaining and a bit informative.

Keeping the PODCAST going won’t cost a fortune but a half decent sponsorship would secure its future, allow a few little investments to be made here and there and take away the burden the costs are putting onto those that produce it.

We are talking a very modest amount of money.

If you are interested in sponsoring the true faith : PODCAST we would be able to splash details of your business etc. all over the promotional material for the PODCAST, including the fanzine, website, SATURDAY SPECIAL newsletter and all the rest of it.

If you would like further details, just drop us a line on



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