true faith : PODCAST (She Said No Robin)

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According to The Journal, our two big lumps, Taylor & Besty from the Talking Box are TnBamongst the North East’s most influential of the region’s Twitterati. Can you believe it eh? Well. frankly, yes because their true faith Podcast is amongst the most widely listened to in English football and is certainly the most popular for Mags by some considerable distance.

Sometimes, Taylor & Besty go all Radio 5 on us with guests and all of that schmutter but the boys are always, rightly keen to go back to their roots with acoustic sets from the Mississipi Delta. Or the spare room.

Anyway, I think we’ve all being doing some basking this week following last Saturday’s momentous win at the Death Star (c) Sean Whelan and it would be wrong if your favourite gob-shite fanzine didn’t do a bit of basking all of it’s own and here it is in glorious technicolour (or whatever the equivalent is in sound).


Dive in to the latest true faith Podcast here and enjoy it very much. 


As ever, its absolutely and completely FREE. TF_INITIALS_LOGO



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