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Taylor & Besty, our two main men behind the true faith : PODCAST will be recording a TnBnew episode of the thing this Wednesday evening.

They will be joined by George Caulkin, well-respected football writer for The Times in the North East as well as Michael Martin, editor of true faith, who will be bringing the crisps and lowering the tone.

Its difficult to imagine this recording to be anything other than morose but there are big issues to be discussed that you might want to tune into.

Obviously, these include:

The sale of Yohan Cabaye and the deliberate decision not to sign a replacement.

Joe Kinnear’s uneasy relationship with the truth.

The lack of ambition at Newcastle United.

Alan Pardew’s competence.

The talent, spirit and resilience of the current Newcastle United squad.

The real deep dissatisfaction at how the club is now being run and the future of Newcastle United FC.

If you think there is something in addition we should be discussing, just drop a line in the comments box below.


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14 Responses to true faith : PODCAST – Up and Coming

  1. Graeme says:

    How about the loss of commercial revenue due to:

    (i) The manner in which the club is being run
    (ii) The loss of staff in the commercial department and
    (iii) The sheer dominance of the free Sports Direct Advertising on and within the stadium, which lessens the impact for other advertisers.

  2. Mark Grenyer says:

    I’m an exciled Newcastle fan living in Jersey and can only make around 3-4 home/away games a season, but the current situation leaves me absolutely sick to the stomach.

    The number one topic should be how do we get Ashley and Co out of our club. With it now clear that the business model is simply to exploit NUFC as a marketing tool for Sports Direct which means that Premier League survival is the only requirement and therefore European qualification and Cup runs are unwanted distractions, there is now a very real danger of apathy and fans turning away from our beloved NUFC whilst Ashley is in control. Imagine a SJP with nly 20-25k every game, it would be heartbreaking.

    Ashley is poisoning the very fabric of our club and we should now start to look at intelligent ways of forcing him out, which can only happen by fans voting with their feet. I saw on another site a suggestion that fans peacefully protest by staying outside of the stadium for a home game. Imagine the publicity around 50k people supporting their team outside of an empty stadium. I think this is an excellent idea and should certainly be given some thought for next season’s cup games given the current regime’s ambitions. I would love to see an attempt at our next home game now that we have effectively been shown that our ambitions are over for this season.

    Newcastle fans are being taken advantage of and the time to act is now.

    Together, we can do this.

    All the best lads


  3. Nick from Perth says:

    Apart from the obvious (someone paying the big bucks that Mike wants for the club), is there any goddamn realistic way that we can get Mike Ashley to sell/leave the club?

    Sorry for such an obvious question, but it really needs to be asked.

  4. Rod says:

    How does the fact that a major Premiership club with an extremely large fan base being run to the benefit of the owner’s key business escape major back page attention? If this was Arsenal, Chelsea etc there would be hell on.

    Given that the North East has provided so many wonderful footballers to the England national team is the fact that its biggest club is being run into the ground not a source of concern to the FA?

    Or is there a joined up approach by the both the FA and the EPL to deliberately not draw attention to the NUFC debacle to avoid unduly damaging the EPL brand?

    • Gav C says:

      As far as the FA and their ‘fit & proper’ tests for owners go, don’t make me laugh, there are loads of examples up and down the league(s) where this matters not a jot compared to a pile of cash, just look at the situations at Leeds/Hull/Cardiff etc. As far as throwing more light on the fact that MA seems to primarily be using NUFC as a FOC marketing tool for his primary business, this is something that this fanzine has been banging the drum over for many a month, however as a private company the limited accounts available via Companies House are unlikely to give any real insights into what exactly is going on, But if it smells like shite, Looks like shite, then in my experience it probably is shite….

  5. David Rutherford says:

    As far as I see things there’s one issue above all that demands to be discussed – it’s high time the NUST and every other NUFC fan organisation with an ounce of influence put aside this ridiculous ‘Support the Team Not the Regime’ bollocks and through social media and any other available outlets implored every season ticket holder to take part in a full-scale boycott. The next home game against Spurs would be the ideal time to start. It may not hit Ashley in the pocket but the bad publicity if even 20,000 fans didn’t turn up would damage his pride and reputation far more than a pre-match march or calling him a fat cockney bastard. Every regular match attendee I know sees this as the only option yet a few dozen empty seats is a drop in the ocean. If we want the immoral crook gone he has to know (and crucially, so does everyone else) that we – every one of us – mean business. Otherwise he’s going to carry on taking the piss out of us like he has done for the last 7 years. A thin squad and the odd defeat by sunderland doesn’t bother Ashley in the slightest – a half empty stadium against a top five team and the subsequent media attention sure as hell would though. And the end-product? Who knows but sometimes you have to take the risk that any consequence is better than nothing.
    It’s the only way.
    And it’ll never fucking happen.

    • Robbo says:

      I take the point about a match boycott. However a half empty stadium would not be news apart from here in Newcastle. Half empty stadiums are seen on TV every week. Threatening a boycott without gauging support for that proposal could backfire. If, say 10% of fans boycotted, the regime would see it as a sign of weakness and disunity. We have to agree tactics and a strategy that wins the overwhelming support of fans. Liverpool fans built their campaign slowly, with fans meeting to agree and plan what to do at each stage. It didn’t happen overnight. This might take several seasons.

      • David Rutherford says:

        Oh I agree 100% with you in terms of tactic – it has to be organised and it has to have a massive amount of fans behind it. I disagree that an empty stadium is a commonplace sight and wouldn’t be newsworthy though – even the club’s banning of the local press made the national papers, I believe a half-empty stadium for a premiership game at St James’ Park would garner a huge amount of publicity, all of it bad for Ashley.

        • Gav C says:

          There’s no such thing as bad publicity as they say. Guarantee that it’d be reported as “Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley” or words to that effect….

  6. Alex says:

    What exactly is Kinnear doing here, i don’t think we’ve ever had a definitive answer on this

  7. George Charlton says:

    To renew or not renew? Going forward, is it the only way to get rid of Ashley?