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true faith : PODCAST BLOG No.11

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Head in the clouds…or the sand?

It will come as no surprise that we’ve seen our fair share of delusional managers carping on this weekend. After all, that’s par for the course. And it will come as even less of a surprise that a certain Mr Pardew was leading the charge.

Ahead of Palace’s ultimately fruitful trip to Liverpool, the Eagles’ boss started lauding it around Jurgen Klopp. When KloppPardewasked if their strong personalities would clash on the touchline, Pardew couldn’t believe his luck. What a chance to compare himself to one of the game’s hottest properties. ‘I do see him on the sideline and I look at myself and think, that’s very similar to how I am.’  ; But similar in what way, Alan? Your experience of winning league titles or reaching Champions League finals? Clearly neither of those apply but I’m sure Klopp feels the same. In fact, it can only be a matter of time before the German launches a foul-mouthed tirade against one of the nicest managers in the Premier League and I bet he can’t wait for Hull to be promoted again; what a treat he has in store for David Meyler.


We’ve become very well acquainted with a touch of arrogance from Pardew over the years, but he certainly seems to be outdoing himself this season. Maybe it’s indicative of the change in expectations of his Palace team. Once considered regular pre-season relegation fodder, they are now expected to finish around the top ten, taking big scalps on the way. So Pardew turning it up a dial seems natural as he buys into his own hype and raised expectations. We’ve already seen him thank reigning champions Chelsea for having ‘played their part’  in the fixture earlier this campaign, so expect him to be touring himself for the England job towards the end of the season.


But it would be remiss to think that Pardew is the only manager in the league to have such a high opinion of himself. GarryBarbour Duke Wax Jacket - Sage (1) Monk is fairly fond of the cut of his own jib and suffers from regular spells of delusion, with the most recent bout inflicting him on Saturday.


In the post-match at Carrow Road the Swansea manager was determined not to shoulder the blame for yet another defeat  . In his own words, ‘We had the right game plan but we just didn’t execute it.’ So basically, you did your job Garry and the players screwed you over, is that right? Defending the tactics in spite of not registering a shot on target smacks of a man worried for his job. If Swansea’s run of one win in eight gets worse, the former club captain may have to adopt a more humble demeanour. There’s only so long directors and fans will put up with the ‘I can’t believe we’ve lost that’ routine. Then again, he might not get the chance to change tact.


Anyway, time for a little light relief so where else to look but to everyone’s favourite Italian, Claudio Ranieri. When quizzed about Watford counterpart Quique Sanchez Flores replacing him when he left Valencia, the ‘Tinkerman’ wasted no time in saying he wanted to kill the Spaniard. Lovely Claudio. Keep bringing those gags and I might forget about my hankering for Nigel Pearson and his Emu inquisition. So, until next week. I’m off to stick my head in the sand.


Michael Creane


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