true faith : PODCAST (Banned On The Run)

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This issue of the TF Podcast comes prefixed with 2 apologies.

Special Guest.

Special Guest.

1. Sorry it’s been so long. Besty got married, and if that’s not a good enough excuse then fuck you.

2. During the recording of this episode we hit a technical snag which meant instead of recording the sound going into the expensive microphones, we recorded the sound going into the shitty mic on the laptop.

I’ve no idea how or why this happened but it has, so deal with it. Oh, there’s also the built in metronome going tick tock all the way through it as well. It’s a shame really because it was a bloody good podcast. We toyed with not putting it out but decided you’re all adult enough to understand. Anyway, sorry bout that, it won’t happen again.

Many thanks to special guest, Luke Edwards, The Telegraph’s man covering football, in the North East and President of the North Tyneside Branch of the Leyton Orient Fan Club.


Love you long time T&B xx

Its here … PODCAST






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4 Responses to true faith : PODCAST (Banned On The Run)

  1. Zero Cool says:

    Been looking for a good NUFC pod. you’re up to bat today, hope it’s a good one.

  2. I’ll be honest, you might want to listen to some of the earlier ones first. The gremlins got in during the recording and it’s not the best quality. Enjoy x

  3. Rochford Mag says:

    Very entertaining as usual, shame you sounded like you were locked in a tea chest under a dripping drain pipe, ah well just adds to the atmosphere.

    Who is the next hack for the TB treatment; WKL?

  4. Darren says:

    Don’t worry about the metronome ticking, the sounds of crisp munching and beer bottle opening soon drown it out ha ha. Great craic as usual lads