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Here we are again, happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company. MarkDouglas

After last time when we luxuriated in the home win over Chelsea, we imagined the memory of that great day at SJP would have to keep us warm over the cold months of winter. However, the lads went to White Hart Lane and pissed off the London press by turning over their beloved Tottingham, bringing the points back home to the sunlit uplands of Tyneside. Nice. More luxuriating coming up.


This time the two greet big lumps are joined by Mark Douglas of The Journal who was tempted to a lonely, industrial estate in Gateshead with the promise of great Italian coffee and chocolate. He’s good value to be honest. And a gobshite from the Gallowgate End.

So, jump in, get the true faith : PODCAST HERE.

That is all. 


Many thanks to Rapid Engineering. Rapid



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