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A big thanks to all of you who have been very kind and bought the t-shirts which we have been selling this season. PavelT-Shirt

As we have said on numerous occasions 100% of the profit raised from the t-shirts will be donated to various charities and good causes.

100% of the profit raised from the Sir Bobby t-shirt will be donated to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

The profit raised from the Pavel Is A Geordie t-shirt will be donated equally between the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, the Freeman Hospital Heart Unit and into a Trust fund we understand has been established for the Srnicek children.

We have decided that the Pavel Is A Geordie t-shirt will be on sale up until Wednesday 13/January/2016, which coincides with the Memorial Service at St Andrew’s Church on Newgate Street in Newcastle at 12 noon. Its just the opinion here that sales of the Pavel t-shirt thereafter would be erring onto the maudlin and we see no need to go beyond that date.

Currently however, the t-shirts remain on sale and you can purchase them here.


We will continue to sell the Sir Bobby Robson t-shirt until the end of January but thereafter we intend to draw the sale of Sir Bobby T shirt (6)that t-shirt to a close as well.

In early February we hope to be in a position to announce how much has been raised from the sale of these two Charity t-shirts.

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation t-shirt is still on sale though and you can purchase one here. 


Both t-shirts are £15 plus P+P.


May we reiterate absolutely no fees or commission or anything of that nature has been or will be taken from the profit generated from the t-shirts. Only costs of manufacture, postage and packaging will be deducted from the total monies raised. 


Thank you very, very much for your kindness.



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