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David Conn of The Guardian is one of the foremost football journalists in the country andDavid Conn we are delighted to have him as a friend of this humble fanzine.

David is a serious football journalist and there are few working on the sports pages of the country’s major newspapers who have as strong a grasp on the finances of football and its clubs than David. Happily, David comes from a similar perspective to ourselves in that like us, he sees football as a sport not a business and it is of major cultural importance – that it is a game which belongs to whole communities and at the highest levels should not be the play-thing and private property of a random group of millionaires and billionaires who see the game strictly in commercial terms and who fail to recognise its wider importance and power for good in local communities.

We are regularly in David’s ear about covering the situation we are in at United and when we got the nod a few weeks ago that he intended to do a big piece on the club, we were delighted to help out and make a contribution.

You can get at the full piece with video coverage etc – by just clicking here.

These film things aren’t the kinds of things I personally relish (good face for radio and all that) as we are aware lots of supporters resent fellow Mags assuming media roles and creating the impression they are some kind of bona-fide fan representatives. I hope that isn’t the impression anyone gets from this today. I spoke in this in my capacity as a Newcastle United Supporters Trust board member but also as editor of this fanzine. I have no claim to be any kind of wider supporters’ representative. On a separate note, not that any of us are any kind of Billy Bigshots but I regularly turn down offers to be a cheap filler for TV programmes to stand outside St James’ Park giving it blah-blah-blah to a frothy news item but in the case of David Conn and The Guardian, we are always going to make an exception.

We hope to go back to David for his thoughts on the club’s full published accounts after we have had the opportunity to go through them in detail. We will also have our own team of qualified accountants and finance experts looking at the accounts and we will be giving the kind of in-depth analysis on the club’s books that you won’t get anywhere else. Probably not even in The Guardian.

So, apologies for the TV stuff – I promise we won’t be making a habit of forays into the proper media.

Further apologies for the cap. It seemed like a good idea at the time (baldy napper and all that).


Also speaking to camera last week was none other than true faith stalwart and doyen of thePodcast2 TF Weekly Podcast, Alex Hurst. Alex was speaking to Made in Tyne & Wear ahead of tomorrow’s derby down in Chicken Town.

You can get at the footage by just clicking here.

Apologies about the quality – we know its not the best but we couldn’t do any better with it in the circumstances.

We just thought you might be interested in seeing it.



Some of you might be aware that Taylor & Besty who have been doing the true faith : TnBPODCAST for a number of years now have branched out into making a short film about The Entertainers team of the mid-90s. Its a period in the club’s history that is keeping us warm at night during the long dark winter of Mike Ashley at Newcastle United.

Anyway, the two lads have something of a trailer ahead of the film (Looking For No. 5) and we though you might want to have a look at it.

Just have a look at it below.

I know, exciting eh?


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9 Responses to true faith : PARISH NOTICES

  1. joe hawkins says:

    Nice one Mick, You came across well in the video and got the point out there.
    The trouble is Ashley doesn’t give a crap and even abuse and chagrin from members of parliament don’t seem to bother him.
    Personally i think the man is nothing more than a crook who is getting away with it until one day he is brought down a la Al Capone style.

  2. Mikey says:

    Avery good article and good to see the face behind the fanzine

  3. John Milton says:

    A sensible, informed, calm assessment of what we are going through.

    (Canny lapel pin you’re wearing, Michael)

  4. Mark Wallsend says:

    Here’s just one of the responses in the comments bit from the Guardian

    “In reading through the comments I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a lot of hard done by self defeating drivel from a clubs supporters. You almost seem to want Newcastle to fail. Maybe you enjoy the “misery” of being 12th in the most competitive league in the world. You lot need to chat with Leeds, Portsmouth, Blackpool, Coventry, Stockport, Wrexham and Wimbledon supporters before you even qualify to moan as you are. You’re coming across like a bunch of selfish retarded spoilt wankers to be frank. I’d be thankful for what you’ve got – a profitable club in no debt and with an annual chance of bagging an FA Cup final. That’s something most clubs can only dream about.”

    Pretty much sums up my sentiments. This what our fans have become.

    • Rob says:

      Wanting a sporting institution to show an inclination to be competitive? How terrible.

    • Paul Brown says:

      Obviously, the content of the article didn’t sink in with whoever made this comment. £129m of debt that will NEVER be repaid despite record profits which, in turn, will NEVER be used for club investment. As for bagging an FA cup final – the clubs stated policy and objectives went right over this comment maker’s head.

  5. Pat Hughes says:

    I think there’s a middle line here – I’d be a fool to deny that I appreciate being in profit and far removed from administration / oblivion but Ashley’s take on austerity makes Cameron look like Lady Bountiful. I’ve been going to SJP for a couple of decades and never experienced such apathy and disinterest before, we’ve been sterilised beyond belief. Gone are the days when strangers would stop me on my way home from the game to find out the score – there’s just no interest. I’m not after cup glory after cup glory – a bit of tangible ambition and respect would do me.

  6. Mikey says:

    But what is Sport without Ambition, nothing,We do not even have a go…take Sunderland today, Zero ambition, We are not entitled to win everything, , but at least we should try winning something