true faith : PARDEW – SHOULD HE RESIGN? (Survey)

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We all know Ashley isn’t going to sack Alan Pardew. He won’t want to pay him off and its PardewCardiff1unlikely he could persuade anyone half decent to allow themselves to be walked all over in such a blatant way as it makes you think its actually in the job description.

So, it is absolutely and abundantly clear to even the most myopic of observer that Alan Pardew can’t manage Newcastle United. His record in Cups and Derbies is atrocious whilst his record in the PL is pretty crap as well. Oh, sorry he finished fifth once didn’t he?

So, our question to you is should Pardew just do us all and himself (if not his bank balance) a favour and resign. Its a simple yes or no answer.

Just click here to vote.

We will have the survey open until New Year’s Day.

That is all.



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9 Responses to true faith : PARDEW – SHOULD HE RESIGN? (Survey)

  1. Arron says:

    I know one way how to sack it! How? Don’t go to the St JAMES PARK for 1 game, for warning. If not another waring ( Second game without fans ……….

  2. Ross Jones says:

    without a shadow of a doubt

  3. AH says:

    The only question I have regarding the survey is there should be a would I or you resign…I would have been miles away by now…There is only one position in Management in The Premier League that is a thankless task and its us….Screwed if you do,screwed if you don’t,i cant keep up with the crap anymore..Lets face it you apply for a job help bring players on,the chairman sells em and the process starts all over again and again..Is he the first no,will he be the last no…Only the desperate would come to do it…Jose would say no regardless of money and so would anyone else..The real problem here is The folk who spend good money on season tickets to fill the rich pockets KNOWING all the facts and then get stressed out every day probably, about how crap the manager is….He picks 11 to go on the field and play football,If anyone thinks hes picking the wmorst eleven that week in training your mad…He picks em and either they don’t perform to a level or they aren’t good enough..Simple…So why hit yourself with a hammer and complain about how much it hurts….There are other things to do while you still love the club you just have to vote by not putting money in…Its the only way..Alan Pardew wether hes from the smoke or not does not play games to lose…That’s just a fact….Unless there are irregular betting patterns,with MA being a gambler,however we can rule that out as the huge sums would attract attention,whilst not forgetting The Geordie public are not the only people who dislike the fella…My point overall is Sack Alan Pardew and who will come…….Answer nobody…Even if Shearer and Beardsley did the job they would only produce players to sell so whats the point,resign yourself to the fact that under the current regime,we will do no better than Mid-To lower half of the table and no trophies because that is the way its going to be….Sorry for the rant,

  4. Dave says:

    In a heartbeat!

  5. Dave says:

    If he can’t write his name I’ll make an X for him with some charcoal, chalk a blunt pencil anything at all, just fucking get rid!

  6. Chris says:

    He’s had 2 chances this last week to end this miserable year in a high and failed! Has to go

  7. ascot7 says:

    Par dew plays hot and cold, which tells me that he cannot handle the pressure cooker. So when he placed striker up front ,good move, but you have to have extra cover at the back also. The problem we all know is that the team requires a clever then his boots striker. Not a has been like Goufran and Rivers. if the owner will not buy decent payers ? we are a selling club, Sisoko, knew what he was doing when he joined the Magpies. a springboard to his dreams, silly Newcastle wake up,or the fans will desert in droves, problem like a huge city like Newcastle, no opposition. If I had a bank roll, I would build a new stadium for Gateshead, then bring them I to the league, and with caution feed the team with sensible players.

  8. Tom Bates says:

    Yet people still indirectly show their support for the way the club is being run and managed by turning up every week, the biggest show of disattifaction would be to sacrifice a cuple of games and not turn up at the ground but people arent prepared to do it and would rather go through the motions on a match day.

  9. Kenthemag says:

    Why should FM & Co drive me away from the club I love? It’s not the season ticket money that keeps him here it’s the TV money. If we get relegated he might sell up. I think that’s our only hope. It’s a waiting game but in the meantime I’m supporting my team – good or bad. I don’t like it anymore than the supporters who don’t / won’t watch under FM’s rule but it’s my choice.