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We at true faith are giving our 100% support to the Ashley Out campaign group’s next nufc_redcardprotest which is a sit-in at St James’ Park following the final whistle come Sunday following the end of the match v. West Ham.

For full details of the #OccupySJP protest please click here.

This is a very judicious protest balancing the need to do everything we can to keep Ashley’s joke football club in the Premiership but at the same time providing another opportunity for us to come together to visibly register our disgust at the rank bad management, lack of ambition and crassness festering at St James’ Park.

For those who have already decided to boycott games at St James’ Park as a result of Ashley’s ownership of the club, you should be aware gates are open with a good 15 minutes of the game remaining and entry is possible and will enable you to join the sit-in protest. Clearly, we are not advocating anything illegal in that regard. The club doubtless will deploy extra stewards of it is concerned about supporters entering the stadium who may not have paid etc. That will be normal practice.

We urge all of you to join the #OccupySJP protest.

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12 Responses to true faith : #OCCUPYSJP

  1. Peter Shearer says:

    I have purchased 2 tickets for this match after a long boycott, just so we can join the protest.Still not sure I want to be inside really-but if this one exception helps to increase the pressure on Ashley it is worth it.Hopefully, all of us who do not have to worry about returning can make sure the atmosphere is toxic to Ashley.I hope this does not fizzle out if we do happen to stay up!

    • David Chapman says:

      Don’t worry Peter, even if we stay up, which I think we will only because of Hull, there is no way this is going to fizzle out this time, the damage done is irreversible and Mike must know he’s on borrowed time.

      • David Rutherford says:

        Don’t think much of this idea to be honest. By the final whistle the cameras will have fucked off, as will half the crowd if we get beat. The fact that a boycott or walkout wasn’t even considered just shows that all the club’s guilt-tripping over the last few weeks has worked brilliantly. Ashley wins. Again.

  2. Micky miller says:

    Full of admiration for lads trying to think up ways to protest but this one is up there with Wraith’s funeral. embarrasing..

  3. Peter Shearer says:

    Agreed it would not have been my choice of protest, but if we do lose even some of the “undecided” may join in,especially if that means relegation.There is a danger that it loses momentum if things go our way, but then again those inside the stadium have not been very vocal in their disapproval anyway.I will cling on to any hope that I can get of getting rid of Ashley.many of us reached our breaking point years ago,but maybe some others are ready to join in now. Here’s hoping!

  4. David Rutherford says:

    It all smacks of a missed opportunity to me. The only way for the whole campaign to have had any positive effect would have been a sustained boycott from the Spurs game onwards. Frankly, we bottled it, and saying ‘hey, let’s get beyind the team THEN hammer Ashley’ has simply watered down the message and given the club exactly what they wanted when they started implying the poor performances were down to us.
    We stay up and Ashley will be laughing his cock off on Sunday night.

  5. Peter Shearer says:

    Agree with that David, but it is clear that the majority of our fans need more encouragement from us.So we need to try and take that into account and build support as we go. Not quick enough or radical enough for you and me-but it is a long haul.

  6. desree says:

    i expect a pitch invasion and further embarrassment in the bigg market sunday evening. Unfortunately any type of protest attracts the thugs and it only takes a few to cause carnage. This is a fight we can not win.

  7. Boomtown says:

    I have to agree with Desree. can see the headlines already.

    “Relegated Mags Trash Their Own City Centre….. Again!”

  8. Peter Shearer says:

    We cannot take no action because of a few idiots. And it is certainly a fight that we can win.

  9. Drew Murty says:

    So, first they tell me not to go. Then they tell me to go and refuse to leave. I’m so very confused 🙁

  10. steveie mac says:

    Some people are very easy to confuse.