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Now the season is over, we will be starting work on a whole brand new website which we webillustration copyexpect will be all singing and dancing ahead of the 2015/16 season.

This format has more than done its job over the last two years but we are now in a position to move up a few notches and we’ll be deciding what we are going to do and how we are going to do it over the next month or so. We’ll be spending a fair amount of time getting it in tip top form by the time we start fretting about Newcastle United in the new season.

All of the archive that we have online here will be retained.

What we intend to do is retain the themes which we think have gone down well with this site: nice clean lines, ease of use, plenty of opportunity for interactivity, regular updates and so on. As ever, we’ll specialise in original content and in giving fellow supporters a large and popular platform to express their views on Newcastle United, football in general and a range of other stuff we dabble in as well.

What we need to hear from you now is your preferences on how the site should look, any suggestions you might have for bells and whistles etc.

So, let us have your comments as below and if needs be provide us with any links you might have for stuff you think might work at true faith on this here web-site.

Clearly, if any of you have skills that could support the development of true faith, we’ll always be delighted to hear from you. Just drop us a line on

But you are our audience and we want to make sure we’re getting it right for you, so all ideas and suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks very much.

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11 Responses to true faith : NEW WEBSITE COMING

  1. Andy bee says:

    Bin lee Ryder diary……fast

  2. aturi83 says:

    Nice one lads, get it over the line!!!

  3. andy mc says:

    a portal to shift unwanted match tickets? home and away

  4. Novocasrian says:

    How about sticking to football and avoiding politics unrelated to the game? This website can read like the militant communist manifesto sometimes which I suspect only speaks to a minority of angry people referencing the website.

    • David Rutherford says:

      I don’t mind the political stuff when it comes from a principled place (which most of the articles on here do). Can do without any more pieces making excuses for far-right fascist murderers though.

  5. Andy bee says:

    Thanks Michael, point taken, bin it anyway….the diary is well meant but so difficult to read in the format presented. Great humour in there and the bloke IS a complete tool, however it’s a laboured read in my humble opinion. Keep up the good work

  6. Ryan Bell says:

    The political content is what sets True Faith apart from other fanzines in my view, each to their own though I suppose

    • David Rutherford says:

      I agree, and as a firm believer in freedom of speech I’ll even defend the right of some idiot to pen a contemptible article praising the killers of Lee Rigby. And I’ll also defend the right of the editor to print what he likes in his fanzine. But I still hope next time he tells said idiot to go and get his contemptible article published elsewhere or, failing that, shove his nasty, sub-Galloway polemic up his arse.