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Is it that time again already? tf_109_cover

Yes, we have a new issue of your lovable, A5, full colour fanzine, 64-pages almost ready for you. As I type this up, it’s now at our printers being prepared and there is loads in it for any Mag worth his or her salt.

Eyes down, here’s what you can expect.

The Regulars:

Editorial – ever wondered what you’d write about Newcastle United  in the last week of a transfer window with a derby this weekend? Have a look at this little lot.

Thru Black & White Eyes – 6-pages of every twist and turn on the Mag planet

Feel Every Beat – a summary of every game we’ve played since the last time, written by the people who go to all the matches.

Postcards From The Edge – no need to worry about Paully, he’s been like this for years. Our man’s surreal take on life on the B&W planet.

Sub Culture – Think you are a  cynic?  Think you are a misanthropist? Pull up a chair, our man Sean Whelan can show you a thing or two.

The End – Gav Bradshaw’s more cerebral take on matters Newcastle United with big words and everything.

Drums & Wires – oh, it’s not just football with us lot – some music and some films in this interlude.

Geordies Here, Geordies There – we’ve had one of our lot at a proper football match in Saudi Arabia – find out what it’s like from Al-Nahdha v Al-Hilal

Our Survey Said – God bless him, true faith’s biggest Bon Jovi fan, Steve Farrell has put another readers survey together and after 5 weeks of pestering you for answers, we now have the results.

60 Second Season – its 1901/02 – things are starting to warm up for Newcastle United. This is a smashing little read brought to you from Chris Laws.

The Features:

As ever, we’ve been looking at the club’s finances again. Chris Betts has pulled apart the fees United has paid to agents. Interesting given how few transfers we’ve done. Have a look at Chris’s piece Commission Only.

Fellow number-cruncher Andy Trobe has had a look at the state of the United finances and has some thoughts about what the next set of accounts might look like in his tip top contribution, The Latest Numbers.

Our resident online Political Blogger, Peter Sagar has been promoted to the paper pages and has cast a wearied politico’s eye over what the Coalition Government said they would do for English football and what they have actually done in his aptly named piece – Promises!

But hey, we write about football as well occasionally. Ross Jones takes a look at the faltering career of Hatem Ben Arfa and considers how the kid’s potential is being used in his piece At The Crossroads.

On a not altogether wholly unrelated piece, our man Mr Ted Edwards no less, considers Alan Pardew’s ability to get the best from talented players and compares him to KK and SBR in the excellent contribution – Gilding The Lily.

We do have some games left this season despite the feeling of pointlessness around the place at the moment and Chris Laws speculates upon the ones we’ll win and lose and the number of points we’ll have by the time the curtain comes down at Anfield in May in his piece Run.

With Cabaye now boxed off in PSG, it couldn’t be a better time to see just how well those that fly the Magpies nest actually get on away from the sunlit uplands of Tyneside, Neil Gatenby does the necessary  in his superb piece, Is The Grass Always Greener?.

It wouldn’t be true faith if we weren’t putting an individual player under the microscope and this time Steven Best, one of our greet big lumps from the Podcast considers Mike Williamson in a piece entitled, I Am The Resurrection.

In keeping with a definite Tyneside melancholy this week, Sam Dalling trues to answer the big Newcastle United supporters’ question of the hour – What’s The Point?

We are asking the vexed question of Solidarity amongst supporters and Wallace Wilson guides us through the minefield of standing four square with rival fans in his thought provoking feature, Solidarnosc .

While Wallace is asking us whether we shouldn’t be showing a bit of solidarity, the other lump off the Podcast, Taylor Payne asks us to consider if we have got off the hook with owners when having a look at some of the other goons running our clubs. Read his thoughts, It Could Have Been Worse.

Ever wondered what it would be like to just kick the whole Newcastle United  thing into touch and form our own club? Man Utd fans have done with FC United of Manchester and Kopites have with AFC Liverpool. Our lad from Newburn, now undercover in Manchester gets some face time with some of the people from FCUM and considers the prospects of an equivalent in Newcastle in his People’s Club feature. Good piece this.

Yours truly went along to the Newcastle United Supporters Trust’s recent Annual General Meeting. Shamefully, it was my first one. Terrible that isn’t it? But that hasn’t stopped me filing a full report like I know what I’m on about.

Our second in command, young Mr Harrison, has been keeping an eye on what’s been going on with the Fans Forum and all that palaver. Here’s his piece, Two Steps Forward Three Steps Back. Pulls no punches as you’d expect.

We love Europe don’t we? Trips abroad with your mates, drinking funny beer and talking shite! Oh, and football matches with our lot. We’re not sure what the club thinks of it all though so our debutant writer in this issue, Tom Rutherford talks us through it in his enigmatically named, Euro Sceptic piece that has nothing to do with Nigel Farage and some mad rich pricks from a golf club in Surrey.

Do you think Ashley is going to sell up and do the off to Rangers? Neil Huitson has a look at the whole thing and comes up with his conclusion in the informative piece, Border Crossing.

Last but by no means least, we’ve got  a rather spiffing centre-spread that we think you’ll like.

Our subscribers will get their copy of this issue posted straight to them just as soon as it comes back from the printers. To find out more about true faith subscriptions, just click here.

If you would like to cut out the middle man, avoid the traumas of local newsagents  and get your copy of TF109 direct from us, just click here.

We will have this issue out on sale before every Newcastle United first team game, so walk up to one of our fresh faced, big-eyed sellers with a smile, ruffle their hair, pinch their rosy cheeks and give them £3 for TF109. They won’t mind at all. Un der no circumstances whatsoever ask them if it’s the programme as they are under instructions to lok at you in an extremely haughty and dismissive fashion.

You will also be able to buy TF109 from every half decent newsagents on Tyneside. But be warned, they do go quite quickly, so best not to leave it for a fortnight as they will likely have sold out. We seem to sell out very quickly in the East End and Wallsend it seems. I’ve no idea why.

But because we are way ahead of the competition, we also have our beautiful fanzine available digitally, In partnership with market leaders, EXACT EDITIONS, you can take a subscription to true faith out in digital format and get access to every single issue immediately it is available as well as acess to a growing back catalogue. All you need to do is click here.

So, that’s it, that’s the latest issue for Feb/March 2014 sorted and ready for you. God bless our socially awkward, pasty-faced, barely coherent regular writers. We do so love them and that. But we are always after new writing talent. We want to give fellow supporters an opportunity of having their views published in one of the country’s best known, best-selling and respected proper print fanzines.

We want to inform and entertain, be original and genuine. If you like the cut of our jib and would like to contribute to true faith, just drop us a line on and we’ll try and put you to work. TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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