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As our subscribers will no doubt confirm we have a new issue of true faith (TF120) sitting tf120_cover_ipadin their in-boxes and jolly pleased with it we all are in the TF bunker.

Although the fortunes of Newcastle United are pretty desperate right now, we believe we have provided some reading material which offers something new and different to what is pumped out elsewhere.

For example, we are still producing outstanding  history and nostalgia which we know will appeal to older heads and those interested in reading some often neglected areas of our history.

For example in this latest issue Chris Laws has once again provided a fantastic read in his 60 Second Season piece which again details the period prior to WW1 and fascinating it is too. In the modern era Marc Corby has once again produced an outstanding and extended piece detailing the Kevin Keegan era at United. This is part 3 in a series Marc has put a lot of effort into and I can honestly say of all the retrospectives I’ve read about that period Marc’s is the most enjoyable and informative. Great work.

As you all well know, we have readers and writers stashed all over the planet but no two tf120_keegan_ipadwriters produce such fascinating and insightful pieces as our great friends Tony Higgins in Spain and John Milton out in Brazil. Both lads are genuine football enthusiasts and they manage to cope without life on the miserable treadmill at United by completely absorbing life including the football culture in their adopted countries.

Tony rather turns his nose up at the media frenzy surrounding Real Madrid and Barcelona and is more at home diving deep into the unchartered waters of the Spanish 5th divisions, its political dimensions, fan cultures and everything else surrounding the Real Spain.

John though is fascinated by the history and culture of Brazilian football and in this latest issue he goes to the very point where Brazilian football was born.

These are brilliant and extended pieces and will appeal to those who really love the game of football and want to increase their understanding of it. Its always nice when one of your teachers might have been someone you have rubbed shoulders with on The Gallowgate, Leazes etc. in previous years.

Not to be outdone our intrepid match reporter and Mag die-hard has been out to Italy for tf119_accounts_ipadthe recent friendly International and this latest issue details his experiences with the Three Lions out in Turin at the impressive new Juventus Stadium.

Back to Newcastle United and with one eye on the future, our man, long-standing veteran TF scribbler, Wallace Wilson, who many of you will recognise from our Look Back In Anger – The Rock & Dole Years series, has produced a fantastic series of profiles dealing with the individuals rumoured to be the runners and riders as the next manager at Newcastle United (aka Ashley’s Bitch). Having looked at Remi Garde, Frank De Boer, Wallace is now digging deep into Steve McLaren, who may or may not be on the United radar. Its another excellent piece of extremely detailed coverage and I commend it to you all.

Clearly, we would be remiss in our duties regarding our central mission to cover the life and times of Newcastle United if we did not follow every sick turn in its recent history.

Part of the true faith USP is our work in compiling some detailed though nonetheless tf120_caretaker_ipadaccessible coverage of the business side of Newcastle United. Thanks to several financially qualified Mags we have been able to lead the way in showing the full scope of how the finances work at United and we’ve put them into context down the years, frankly much better than anyone else any one cares to mention.

As part of our finance team, Andy Trobe has cast a qualified eye on what goes on with the dough at United and with the latest accounts producing much comment (most of it unqualified and ill-informed), Andy goes through the books with a fine tooth comb to produce a detailed analysis and draws some key conclusions.

You really do need to read Andy’s analysis and appreciate just where the club has been with its finances because that will tell you everything about where we’re going in future. Or at least provides you with proper information for those heated debates down the boozer etc.

There are certain things we cannot ignore. Since the last issue we have chalked up another tf120_60_sec_ipaddesperate derby defeat and Gareth Harrison, our redoubtable deputy editor recounts his derby day and reflects how it has left us all feeling. We’ve also had Cisse banned for seven games for a spot of hockling with Jonny Evans and our writer has a good look at the whole disciplinary element of all of that.

As ever, we have our regular writers and I’m grateful for top banana Ted Edwards providing some light relief with his Sub Culture piece looking at some marvellous old kits from yesteryear and coming up with his favourite non-NUFC numbers. Let’s have a heated debate.

This issue is not one that should be made available to an emotionally fragile John Carver as we have a few pieces looking at how he’s performed as well as the whole sad history of caretaker managers at United over an extended period. This issue will also test the humour of The Chronicle’s Lee Ryder as we er, have his diary once again published within our pages.

As you would expect, we also pass some detailed comment on the emergence of the Ashley Out campaign group.

Alex Hurst is doing a fantastic job having picked up the reigns of the Thru Black & White tf120_carver_ipadEyes diary, Paully is still sending us those Postcards From The Edge, Gareth is still Feeling Every Beat with those summaries of every match we’ve played since last time, I’m still rattling out the editorial and the excellent Gavin Bradshaw as ever provides more light than heat, with his clear headed analysis of what is going on at United.

This fanzine is a massive 116-pages long. It is full of fantastic writing and charts the experience of Mags following Newcastle United. The fanzine is the place for extended and detailed coverage of Newcastle United, football in general and we believe it has developed massively on the paper issue which we produced from 1999 to 2014. There is more to it, the writing is better, the scope wider and deeper and its better value for money.

Each subscription will be for 10 issues. You will also get access to a growing back catalogue of issues which is currently 35+.

An annual subscription will cost you £17.99 or you could go for a recurring quarterly amount of £5.99.

You can sign up here.

You will get instant access to the latest issue today and every part of the archive within minutes.

The fanzine is great to be read on PCs, lap-tops, i-pads and tablets. Some even read it on smart-phones.  Personally, I love reading it on my tablet.

This is the new era for fanzine culture. We loved our paper issue for many years but this is the future and its faster, better and cheaper.

true faith is written by people like you – Mags from home and abroad, some who never miss home tf120_cover_ipadand away, young lads and lasses and terrace veterans, some who have become disenchanted with Ashley’s club and others immensely frustrated with what is happening at SJP and I football in general.

We have an open door policy for writers – we don’t have a party-line our writers have to follow but we are broadly a left-wing, working-class, campaigning publication absolutely partisan about Newcastle United, the city and its surrounding region.

We are happy to carry pieces that contradict and challenge our view of football and Newcastle United and if there are people out there who believe we’ve got it wrong, I’d be only too happy to provide a platform for your views. They just have to be well-written.

We are always on the look-out for new writers. You can come to us with your ideas for subjects to cover or we can give you a topic we would like covered for forthcoming issues – we don’t tell you what to write, we only give you the subject – the content is absolutely all your own.

All you need to do to start writing for true faith is to drop us a line here –


That is all.

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