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We have been contacted by several people asking us to publicise a campaign for like-minded people who want to congregate in the Gallowgate corner section (Strawberry Corner) next season and be the place that starts the singing for the rest of the Gallowgate and hopefully around St James’ Park.

That’s how things panned out on the last game of the season and on several occasions prior to that.

We are happy to publicise that and if people who want to give their lungs a bit of a workout on match-day then the Gallowgate Corner might be the place to be next season.

Viva La Rafalution!

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16 Responses to true faith : LET THE PEOPLE SING

  1. Alex Carr says:

    It’s insane one man can generate such positivity we’re a second teer team but I’ve not been happier in years. It’s hard to describe but you can just feel it the change it touches your soul.

  2. Paul Davison says:

    We as supporters have a huge part to play in the Rafalution.

    A great initiative to increase the volume at St James. I would like to suggest a couple of extra principles that we should uphold as part of this and it would be great for True Faith to carry these suggestions to see if others agree?

    As part of this progression we should ensure the noise in support of Rafa’s team is absolutely 100% positive and only concerned with SUPPORT, in other words not barracking the opposition or the hierarchy. The past is the past our concern is now the future. This climate of positivity helped us to beat arguably the best football team in the country 5-1 and more importantly to convince Rafa Benitez that Newcastle is a truly unique football club.

    We all want Rafa to be successful and as we showed against Tottenham we have a huge part to play in the football team’s trajectory from here as supporters. It is also true that our manager is a man of the highest class and integrity, for example, I refer to his charitable foundation and his public outing of the underhand dark arts employed by Alex Ferguson. Would it not be fantastic if we focus on creating an atmosphere, as Newcastle fans, which is equally defined by the CLASS and INTEGRITY of the support to hold a mirror up to all other clubs.

    Some opposition supporters seem to spend the entire game baiting and making snide references to the opposition. Manchester United and Sunderland come to mind as really horrible examples. At times I have sat looking at Manchester United “supporters” and thought why with all their success do they come across as such an unpleasant group of people. Let us stop doing similar – rise above it all by setting the standard for SUPPORTING our own team and ignoring the opposition.

    Stop the offensive songs (“Liverpool slums”, for example, is pathetic when Liverpool is probably, culturally and economically our closest relation in England). Stop the songs with offensive swearing – we have so many decent families in attendance. Let’s stop barracking players for a mis-placed pass as it only creates fear in them (I have seen players make 20 yard runs to get marked) and finally let’s call a truce on the anti Ashley songs. If we SUPPORT our team as we did against Spurs we are the true best supporters in the country. That is what Rafa saw.

    This could all be like 1993 again. For those of us old enough to remember it was the happiest most positive time to ever support Newcastle.

    • mikey says:

      Stop swearing?

      I can see a flaw in your plan mate.

      • Paul says:

        No, not stop swearing. I have been doing that involuntarily most of my life whenever a linesman has the temerity to stick a flag up on the east stand side. The swearing was in references to songs. “Who the f**k are Man Utd” is not supporting our team, in my opinion.

  3. mikey says:

    Aye definitely . And make sure you stand UP!

    And if you can’t get in the corner, get as close as you can to it.

    (and if you;re miserable and want a sit down and a natter, and want to tell people in front of you to sit down, maybe move into the east stand.)

  4. stevie office says:

    And if you cannot get In gallowgate corner start your own singing section

  5. Robbie M says:

    It’s a great idea…BUT…how many spare seats are there for people to move into in the corner, probably not many.

    The people who are already there and do not participate that much will not move and will probably say “why should I”.

    We definitely need an area that gets the atmosphere going as it’s been shocking last few seasons.

    • mikey says:

      If not move into the Gallowgate lower tier towards the corner. That’s where i’ve been sitting last few games of season and surrounded by good lads, all up for a sing song.

      As for the miserabalists in the Corner that don’t sing and tell people to sit down. they’ll probably all shift off now we’ve been relegated.

      Seating is cheating next season in my opinion.

      • TG says:

        Can I suggest you reflect on this. Most of the miserablists around me stayed in place last time we were relegated. You can sing your heart out without standing. Guy near me in his late eighties can’t stand for long so is forced to avoid e.g. Derby games (OK, a blessing you may lamely joke). Is it fair that someone who has supported the club through all the highs and lows should be forced away from his long-term spot because in your opinion he is “cheating”? We’re all part of the same force and we all need respect rather than derision.

  6. Joe Hawkins says:

    The trouble with that is people of a like minded persuasion will not get tickets for the same area of the stadium like back in the day.
    Is this what is has come to though, Where there have to be rallying cries to the support to create an atmosphere within their own stadium ?

    I started watching football in 1983 when 10 years old and no one ever asked us to create an atmosphere because you would have been kicked to f**k for doing so !
    The modern football fan makes me laugh because they are like a bunch of film extras being paid in a renta-crowd situation.

    Who are ya ?, Who are ya ?, Who are ya ?

    Premier League you havin’ a laugh ! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz God save us !

    • Joe Hawkins says:

      Typo sorry lol

    • Rob says:

      Have to agree with you the atmosphere now compared to the pre PL era is non existent. Through most of the 80s and early 90s we were averaging in the low 20 thousands, the extra 30,000 ‘lifelong fans’ now going clearly didn’t appreciate that type of atmosphere and have brought their own unique ‘atmosphere’ with them, that goes ditto for every club in the league.

    • mikey says:

      Its because of all seaters and over policing. In terraces yu just had to get into a section with thousands of others and 10 of your mates.

      This is why such a call is needed. To develop an area again. (plus the fact that each and every singing area since all seater has been broken up by the club, starting with Freddie fletcher robbing the “Milburn Wing” crew of their seats)

      Head to the corner, stand up, sing your hearts out.

  7. Rob says:

    I think it is certainly worth a go and the club really ought to take the initiative on it though theres fat chance of that happening. In Japanese baseball you get large areas of seating that are reserved for the “oendan” or cheering section, if your not prepared to keep at it non stop you don’t get in. It used to be a healthy rivalry between the corner and the scoreboard in the old Gallowgate end that kept the songs coming.

    • mikey says:

      Aye, the gallowgate corner will be where ts at next year.

      Was bouncing last game of season

  8. Mal says:

    The late 80’s early 90’s in the corner were great days, the introduction of all seating killed the atmosphere for me- mind you the blaydon races always carried a health risk with the surge down the front … Good days