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Hello again. If you follow this blog, you may remember that, at the end of my last entry, I SoKorean1expressed the hope that my following piece might lean a little bit more towards the bright side of life. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen. What is about to follow is a whinge. And it’s directed at every single one of you. Yes, you, Newcastle United fans. All of you. All of us.

Living so far away from the North East has made me a little bit more of a regular visitor to a wider variety of outlets to get my Newcastle United fix than I was when I was back at home. And I’m sorry to say, I don’t like a lot of what I see at the moment. It really does remind me of the scene in Monty Python’s The Life of Brian in which Brian asks to join the Judean People’s Front. Or did he ask to join the People’s Front of Judea? Or it might have been the Judean Popular People’s Front. There were so many groups intent on fighting the Romans that he didn’t know where to turn. He also discovered that all of these groups hated each other as much, if not more, than their common enemy. Splitters! We seem to have the same thing going on. We’ve got The Mag, true faith,,; the list is long and getting longer. And are these institutions working in harmony towards a common goal? No! We’ve got in-house fighting, we’ve got passive-aggressive tweets and Facebook statuses, we’ve got ill will. Everyone has an opinion and unless you agree with their opinion you’re wrong, you’re not a real fan, you’re brainwashed, you’re this, you’re that.

This blog is not about asking you to take up arms against Mike Ashley. Nor is it about asking you to go up to SJP for every home game and sing for 90 minutes. Nobody should be able to tell you, dear reader, how to support your team. Whether you want rid of Ashley, Pardew et al or not. We all have opinions, of course we do, but just because ours may be different to the fan sitting next to us at the ground or the person who just posted on the message board, does that make ours right? Does that make us more of a fan than they are? In the spirit of diplomacy, I’m going to ask you to make your own minds up on that one.

However, one thing I would ask of all of you is more tolerance. If people have had enough of things as they are and don’t want to pay the club any more money right now then fine. That’s their prerogative. Equally, if they want to go to the game and chant protest songs for 90 minutes, that’s fine too. As is going to the game and supporting the team for 90 minutes without saying a word against Mike Ashley. Newcastle United doesn’t belong to one of us, it belongs to all of us and we all have the right to support it as we wish.

Nothing is forever. Newcastle United has been owned by many different men over the years. Mike Ashley will not be here forever; whether fans speed up his departure or not, it is an incontrovertible fact that Mike Ashley will not own Newcastle United forever. I don’t think anyone would deny that this period is one of the toughest for Newcastle fans of recent years, but let’s see it through together and see what happens when we come out the other side.

Whinge over.

On a different note, I do still live in South Korea and am hoping to go to a Gangwon FC game in my adopted home-city in the next couple of weeks. I’ll file another report after that.

Callum Patterson

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4 Responses to true faith : KOREA OPPORTUNITIES

  1. JR says:

    Callum, if I may, is what you’re saying essentially to wait it out?

    • RICHIE says:

      I think you have him wrong JR.What he’s saying is lets not fall out with each other in the time we wait forAshley to leave whatever way we decide to support.

  2. Callum Patterson says:

    The point wasn’t too issue instructions on what I think we should or shouldn’t be doing with regard to Ashley/Pardew/Charnley etc but to ask people to be more tolerant of other’s courses of action. As long as those courses of action aren’t harmful to other fans, people should be free to pursue them without fear of persecution from those around them in the stadium.

  3. JR says:

    Ah, thanks for the clarification. We’re all in this together, I agree, and there’s more than way to achieve a common goal, provided we all let each other get on with it. Amen.