true faith: Keegan Quotes #ASHLEYOUT

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“It is not difficult to work out unless you come from another planet and I think Mike KK2Ashley runs that club from another planet,” said Keegan.

“Fans are being treated with such disrespect. It is almost as if Mike Ashley has said, ‘what is the worst I can do, change St James’s Park and call it Sports Direct’. Incredible. Fans don’t want to go to games, they want to protest.

The answer is not to boycott the game, but to get through the season, stay up, hope and pray someone with lot of money who cares about the club comes along and says, ‘that’s for me’.

“They need to sit down with sensible people, not those that Mike Ashley put around him in the past. I had the misfortune to work with some of them.

“It is not just me urging him to go, everybody connected with that club, even people employed there. It is time for a change.”

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Kevin Keegan, 24/May/2015. 

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5 Responses to true faith: Keegan Quotes #ASHLEYOUT

  1. Micky miller says:

    Maybe so Kev but the cancerous, bloated parasitic fucking leech is taking some shifting..

  2. Ande Walsh says:

    Morons being bought off by a 3 minute Ashley appeasement address to the Murdock effluent pipe Sky.

    We are doomed if we let up now.

  3. Bob says:

    I suspect Ashley’s address to the nation was the work of PR guru Bishop to try to avert any embarrassing protest at the game. Only problem is that anyone watching in the ground couldn’t hear him. Most in shock seeing him on the screens.

  4. john rush says:

    Keegan spot on as usual

  5. mike says:

    Ashley is only interested in the cash cow of NUFC.