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Like every other decent Newcastle United supporter every one of us at true faith was Memory1shocked to hear of the deaths of John Alder and Liam Sweeney on their way to New Zealand to follow our club.

Not many people who have followed United home and away, reserves, juniors or watching 11 Toon shirts on a washing line for any length of time, won’t failed have known John aka The Undertaker. Frankly, he was a permanent fixture at any kind of match the club played at and as committed a supporter of our club you will not find. I didn’t know Liam at all (or John beyond nodding to be honest) but it seems he was cut from the same Black & White cloth as his match-going mate.

May I thank the club for responding so sensitively to this appalling tragedy.

We don’t have any words for the friends and families of John and Liam but on behalf of all of us here at true faith … and I’m sure our readers too, may we pass on our sincerest condolences at this terrible time.

Rest In Peace. 

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10 Responses to true faith : JOHN AND LIAM – RESPECTS

  1. Carol Willis says:

    As a parent of a twenty-something year old and a lifelong Newcastle fan, may I present sincere condolences to the grieving parent I heard on the 5 0’Clock News on Radio 4.

    As long as this football community exists, your son will never be forgotten; as long as this football community thrives, he will have a part in every success; as long as this football community remains together, he will be one of us, one of our family. All of our sons.

    We are with you in your grief

    Carol Willis

  2. Richie says:

    Our condolences to the family and friends of all those who perished.

  3. Respect says:

    I love this club. Been going for 50 years. It’s in my blood, DNA, soul, life revolves around the good, the bad, and the increasing ugly. Though my enthusiiam has benn dimming in Ithe past few years as the fcb drains the lifeblood from the club. Shit owner, incompetent manager(s), mercenary players, no purpose. Today brought everything back into focus. Why i love this club. Two like minded (but infinitely more committed) souls paid the ultimate following my club. It should not happen, but it did. I spent a few short hours with john when we shared a flight, taxi and couple beers en route to maritimo, a couple of years back. Anyone who ever met john does not need an explanation. I never met Liam but understand fully the man. Both lads should never be forgotten, they represent everything that is positive about this club. Unshakable belief that one day will be ours. Keep the faith.

  4. davy says:

    Condolences to the family and friends of all who lost their lives.

  5. Micky miller says:

    God bless bonny lads.x

  6. Niall Fleming says:

    Posted this earlier today before your moving tribute above.

    “Very sad to read of the death of two NUFC fans in yesterday’s plane crash. Senseless waste of life.”

    There are never the right words but you spoke for all fans.

  7. Steven Mitchell says:

    Had the pleasure of meeting john albeit briefly in Bruges a couple of years back standing at the bar. Commitment to the club beyond words. Never forgotten, true fans, club legends

  8. Nev Harmer says:

    Bloody shame

    condolences to both families

  9. Mark Willett says:

    Tragic for all the families involved.
    But brings it very much closer to home when true football fans, going to watch the team, have sadly lost their lives.
    My thoughts go out to their family,friends and fellow fans.

  10. David Chapman says:

    So, so sorry to hear about the deaths of two of our lads, cant believe it, brings you back to reality with a bump. All my love to the family’s of everyone on the flight.

    People apparently used to call John the undertaker, I used to call him John Lennon due to his big nose and long hair, can’t say I knew him all that well but I know I’m a friend less, he was a gentle man and he still owes me a pint in the Percy.