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This is likely all over the internet right now, so us putting it online will just add to the Carver1enveloping sense of misery around Newcastle United.

If Carver, appears to be saying what I and many others deduct he’s saying, then it is difficult to imagine he can continue as an employee of Newcastle United FC and should be dismissed immediately.

Do I need to even draw attention to the age of the young supporters virtually in the direct line of what appears to be a foul-mouthed tirade.

My only caveat would be that Carver personally reimburses every single supporter at Southampton today for their ticket and travelling costs given the scandalously gutless and incompetent display put in by a team he is responsible for preparing for this game.

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Click here to view the footage.

So depressing.



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27 Responses to true faith : JOHN CARVER

  1. Nigel Pearson says:

    It just sums up the cesspit of arrogance & contempt the management of our club wallow in. I just hope Carvers Crass actions, which surely must see him sacked, don’t divert the attention from his criminally inept Boss…I fort we woz triffifc P45due

    I’m sending Wor lass to Darsley Park on Monday to fight the fat idiot. She’s from the West End. Get your money on her!

  2. Matt Flynn says:

    It will be interesting to reflect the club’s response to Carver’s actions with their treatment of Herbert (today’s Saturday Special). Personally I preferred football when it was an activity for adults and a bit of colourful language wasn’t perceived as some kind of crime against humanity. However, the profit driven ‘family values’ of the corporately righteous can’t just be enforced on supporters… can they?

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      You’re absolutely spot on.

      As for Carver by the way, I saw him at a talk in mebbe 5 year ago with my best mate and as soon as he stopped talking, we both said word for word, exactly the same thing ‘What a fucking prick’.

      Their time will come….

  3. David says:

    Things are just getting worse week-to-week. 2014 continues to be a year of continued incompetence and embarrassment both on and off the pitch. We all know how this season is likely to end unless there are major, major changes.

  4. Nigel Pearson says:

    The Manager gets away with Head Butting an opposition player. The Assistant Manager Verbally abuses Fans who have followed the team to the opposite end of the country, no doubt at considerable expense, then threatens them with Physical Violence, but if any Newcastle Fan protests in the stadium they are stamped upon by Ashley’s Paramilitary Lackeys!

    Newcastle United 2014…Under Foreign Occupation

  5. Rob says:

    If nothing is done about this – publicly- by the club, then it simply confirms the contempt with which we as fans are held by the owner and his lackies.

  6. Pat Hughes says:

    I would be tempted to involve the police, threatening behaviour and all that. In fact I would go for it – squirming staff, PR meltdown, under-siege manager, the lot – it appeals.

  7. Horsebuckfast says:

    It goes from bad to worse……10/11 for Southampton today was nailed on.

    Is it wrong to hope that he doesn’t get the bullet this week in the anticipation of venomous hate filled atmosphere against ‘ULL.

  8. Ian Summers says:

    This clip is before the match. What are Newcastle fans doing having a go at John Carver before the match as he helps prepare the players? I think he is right to tell them where to go and this is a fuss over nothing. That John Carver cares for our club cannot be questioned. Personally I think there is not enough “industrial” language in football at the moment. As for involving the police, are you serious?

  9. Tony Hoggins says:

    Not seen nothing in main stream press why haven’t they picked this up. Regardless of the football served up he should be peddled for that outburst totally totally unprofessional.

  10. Can’t disagree with the general comments above . I can only show contempt for our owner / manager / ass / manager the whole effing caboodle as they have showed nothing else but contempt for our club and devoted toon fans for years . I am totally gutted with yesterdays shenanigans and performance . Pardew @ Co should be throughly ashamed of themselves We watched the match at the .>toononthecosta< supporters club in Spain in total disbelief at the performance . Effing disgusted.

  11. tom bates says:

    Involving the police may sound over the top but youd be suprised how many people do go to court for such actions. No doubt if an offenve is anti pc then the police get involved not that this was by the way. way I saw it was anti pardew chants were going on and carver decided to take on the fans as a result. Maybe a win now and again might take the pressure of f poor john and alan.

    • Agree Tom , I personally wouldn’t go as for as police involvement even though people are taken to court for much less. I wouldn’t want the name of NUFC to be dragged down lower than it already is. Talking to fans here on the costa who tell me they wont even buy a shirt off Ashley now that its emblazoned with Wonga , I for one wouldn’t wear one if they were free. . And aye a win once in a while would pacify the natives. Toon for ever. Ralph Fenwick.

    • Pat Hughes says:

      You’re right – I was feeling mean and spiteful last night and wanted to inflict further misery on the trolls infecting our club.

  12. I think Carver’s contempt for the fans is the least of our worries…or fat boys.

  13. David Chapman says:

    Though Carvers actions were another reminder of the complete lack of class at Newcastle United they should in no way take any of the heat or focus off Mike Ashley or Alan ‘ we was unlucky today ‘ Pardew, at the end of the day we were trounced by a fairly average Southampton team 0-4 and there can be no more excuses.

  14. Paul says:

    Aside from the outburst, I have to question the credentials of carver and the rest of our coaching staff anyway. Not only do I think Pardew should leave, the coaching staff needs an overhaul too. Working with Sir Bobby ten years ago or just being from round here and acting like a bit of a radgie don’t cut it for me as justifiable credentials to coach at a PL team. I obviously don’t know what Carver, Stone and co do on a daily basis but too many players have regressed over the last few years and our side are insipid and predictable. I blame Pardew but he is not alone.
    As well as this Carver and Woodmans general conduct is at times embarrassing and unprofessional to say the least, yesterday being another depressing example.

  15. C Peat says:

    He wouldnt have got away with it under Sir Bobby Robson mouthing off at fans who have travelled the length of the country to watch that. The pressure is building and its showing from the top down big changes are needed and its better to get rid of Pardew now after 4 games than wait to 24 games after the next transfer window which will be full of false promises who ever is in charge then .

  16. Simon Sharp says:

    Not to condone Carver’s behaviour, but of those who are saying it’s unacceptable for him to behave that way in front of young supporters, how many of you also think it’s ok to have banners displaying the words “Pardew is a Cunt”?