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true faith – Issue 130 – PUBLISHED NOW!

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Since 1999 true faith has been providing the alternative view of life at Newcastle United, the world around it and other elements of football life. We are unapologetically a partisan Geordie publication with a left-leaning and hopefully internationalist perspective of the game and the world it is played in.

This is issue 130 of the fanzine. We started off as a 32-page two colour hard-copy publication but now we boast a fanzine at least three times the size, digital in format and amongst the most prominent titles in the game. 

tf 130 cover - Leave it to Rafa! Cutout pic of rafa coachingThe issue is written and designed by people who love Newcastle United and who want to inform and entertain fellow supporters. The fanzine is deliberately designed so as to avoid the poison of click-bait and the new social media rubbish of cut and paste culture. This old school fanzine writing in a modern digital setting. 

Our fanzine is brilliantly designed because we think good writing should be presented in an attractive and interesting way. Issues of true faith will be available via this website for a long time and just like you did with those old fanzines and programmes you kept under the bed for rainy days so we want them to look good when you read them for the first, second and hundredth time. 

true faith is absolutely and totally free. The fanzine isn’t a business. No-one gets paid. No-one is building a business for themselves here. Its all done for love. By people in the main who pay to watch Newcastle United play football matches home and away. We also have our share of ex-pats and our writers come in all shapes and sizes. 

You can access the fanzine by just clicking on the cover or in the reader below. You can access the fanzine on any device but we recommend i-pad or tablet for a real old school feel (i.e. you can read it sitting on the netty). You can download the fanzine and read it off-line if you choose. 

Since we moved to this digital format, our readership has gone through the roof. It is easily the most widely read fanzine Newcastle United supporters have every produced. It is the most widely read club fanzine in the UK. Because of its free access and digital format we have attracted readers from all over the world. There are about 6 countries in the world that have yet to have downloaded the fanzine. We have an international readership. 

From everyone at true faith, we really hope you enjoy this issue. 

Keep On, Keepin’ On

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One Response to true faith – Issue 130 – PUBLISHED NOW!

  1. Colin Mccabe says:

    Great work boys, many thanks!