true faith – ISSUE 129 – SKETCH FOR WINTER

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The new issue of true faith (TF129) became available for download on Sunday evening and the interest as usual has been phenomenal. Thank you for your interest and support. true faith is Newcastle United’s longest running and most widely read fanzine.

As we head towards the end of the January transfer window without having completed one deal as yet, it’s probably timeous that we bring Alex Hurst’s article – SKETCH FOR WINTER to your attention and obviously it would be great if you could respond to the piece with your own views in the comments boxes as below.

The true faith fanzine is now available exclusively in digital format and it is absolutely FREE. The fanzine works really well on any device but we particularly recommend i-pad or tablet which will enable you to be a little old-school i.e. read it in the classic positions of on the toilet or stretched out on the sofa.

Anyway, to get at Alex’s article SKETCH FOR WINTER in TF129 all you need to do is click here. 

That is all.

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