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There is no question the debate around Alexander Mitrovic is one which has raged between supporters at the match, on social media, on football phone-ins almost from the moment the Serb first stepped onto the pitch in our colours.

There are some who believe he has the potential to develop into a striker who can give good service for United and those who believe he is a liability who has not improved one jot since he arrived here.

In the latest issue of true faith (TF129) we carry two pieces concerning Mitro and they are:


To get at Nick’s article, just click here

and we also have:

STARTING FIRES from Chris Wood. 

To get at Chris’ article, just click here

Both Nick and Chris are match-going Mags and I believe have put together articles which are well worth giving your time up to have a good read.

Thanks to both Nick and Chris for their two excellent pieces.

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One Response to true faith – ISSUE 129 – ALEXANDER MITROVIC

  1. Rob says:

    Good articles. I don’t rate Mitrovic, think he is way too slow to be a top player, has a very suspect temperament and the rest of his game isn’t good enough to outweigh that. Having said that there is no doubt that our formation and style of play doesn’t suit him. More years a go than I’d like to remember we signed a big target man called Rob McDonald who had a great record in Dutch football, a goal every two games, a title with PSV and European football under his belt. He was utter shite for us though. Read an interview from him a while back and he said he could only play well in a 4-3-3 where he stayed in the box and got his head on crosses, English football where he was expected to run the channels and didn’t get into the box wasn’t his game. Like McDonald I think a bit too much was made of Mitro’s record in Belgian football and a risk taken that he’d adapt well to the English game, he hasn’t.