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We are blessed at true faith with having several finance and accountancy experts on our team who when occasion demands it can cast an educated eye over the Newcastle United books and the available figures to give the lay-man a good summary of the state we are in. Andrew Trobe has led this kind of work for us. As we enter the January transfer window Andy’s latest piece in the current issue of true faith is of particular interest to those who might be wondering how much wriggle room Rafa has in the buying and selling of players. I commend this really strong piece of writing to you.

To get at this highly informative piece of writing, just click here. 

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2 Responses to true faith – ISSUE 128 – SPENT FORCES

  1. James says:

    Good article but one major flaw Randy Lerner doesn’t own Aston Villa anymore and hasn’t since the summer. Dr Tony Xia a chinese billionaire has owned them and he is the one that has bankrolled villa.

  2. AndyMac says:

    Spent Forces article is somewhat perplexing. There’s talk of capitalisation going on at Villa which Lerner has sanctioned but Villa are owned by Tony Xia now ? He bought the club in June 2016 for £76 million. So its not such a surprise that Lerner took the steps he did basically because if he hadnt he’d never have got Villa off his hands ?

    As for Fatman he had the choice to wipe all the old debt off when he took over the club from The Robber Baron. Instead of which chose to create a loan to the club which has variously totalled £87m, then £127m then ?????. It is my belief that Fatman chose this course of action because he got stiffed by the previous owners who failed to mention all the financial issues which woulkd come home to roost as soon as a new owner arrived at SJP.

    So not only did Hall and his cronies take their 20 pieces of silver, and some, out of the club, the debt they had built up over the years has now been hung around the club’s neck like the proverbial albatross. Rather like the Banks being bailed out by we the taxpayers, the fans and the club are now paying for Halls profligacy and will continue to do so for some time to come..