true faith : ISSUE 128 – MILD IRRITATIONS

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Before he reached the point of his inevitable and deserved sacking at Crystal Palace, Alan Pardew was a figure who generated a fair amount of revulsion from those of our faithful Black & White tribe. Pardew has a legacy of arse-licking, excuse-making, crap football and shit results on Tyneside that many of us long saw right through before he did the off for the Selhurst Shilling two years ago. Before Pardew reached the point of being pedalled in South London, our man Gareth Harrison pulled together a rather splendid piece capturing exactly why the London Media’s poster-boy got up our collective trip. This is one of a load of great articles in issue 128 of true faith – Newcastle United’s most popular and longest running fanzine.

All you need to to get at Gareth’s excellent piece is to click here.

Happy New Year by the way.

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8 Responses to true faith : ISSUE 128 – MILD IRRITATIONS

  1. BillyBoy says:

    You’d think there would be a lot more said about the clown who actually got us relegated after spending 80 million…..but no, the obsession continues

    • there’s plenty on that goon if you care to have a look Glenn.

      • BillyBoy says:

        It’s not about caring to have a look Michael……you just can’t escape Pardew’s mug plastered all over everywhere two years after he didn’t relegate us

        McClaren and Ashley slip further under the carpet with every article about Pardew

        • Yes but this piece is in the latest issue. Have a look through the last few issues and you’ll see those two covered in gory detail.

          • BillyBoy says:

            OK…so we are working our way backwards in history?

            We can look forward to more articles on Kinnear, Allardyce, Souness and Dalglish etc??

  2. Are you volunteering? 1200 words to me on by the 10/Jan/17. Cheers.

  3. BillyBoy says:

    Nah….I’ll just keep commenting in the section marked ‘comments’ thanks

    I always thought there was far too much focus on Pardew even when he was here….to see it continue two years later just bemuses me

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2017