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Since former Newcastle United youth team player, Derek Bell revealed the extent of how he had been systematically abused as a young man at his Boys Club, football has been shocked by hundreds of similar historical allegations which have brought the full attention of the media.

In the latest issue of true faith (TF129) one of our most respected and long-standing writers, Wallace Wilson has analysed the nature of the scandal and assessed the challenges for football in both putting right the serious wrongs of the game going back decades and its responsibilities for young people in the modern era.

We make no apologies for this being a weighty and serious read because that befits the topic.

All you need to do to get at Wallace’s superb piece of writing is to click here. 

You can follow Wallace on twitter – @WallaceWilson

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2 Responses to true faith – ISSUE 129 – CHILD ABUSE IN FOOTBALL

  1. oliver simpson says:

    I have no faith in the FA to investigate this matter with the attention, sincerity and justice it deserves.

    They will avoid all attempts to be proactive in this. Lay blame on deceased or other figures in charge back then and offer token suggestions or support for victims and safeguard.

    They will simply want to wear this one and hope it disappears as time goes on.

    Like with the Hillsborough campaign for justice that still goes on to this day.

    Football fans and child abuse campaigners and charities need to hold those responsible for their actions and drive to see justice be served and reforms put in place. To protect current and future youngsters form being targeted like so many have been.

    Keep up the fight regardless of what the FA and Sports Committee conclude and prove that we will not abide by indifference and a veil of denial and victim blaming from those who committed these acts of monstrosity.

  2. Jon wants justice says:

    As a victim myself who reported to the FA and police in 2013 I find the whole investigation farcical. The FA claim that an inquiry is taking place however being in touch with players @offside trust I know questions are being asked in relation to who they are inquiring with as like myself as survivors have not been contacted at all throughout this inquiry.
    It seems as though boxes are merely being ticked with no significant action being taken from the FA.