true faith – ISSUE 127 – FROM CROFT PARK TO CAMP NOU : Resurrecting the name of Don Patricio

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I don’t think anyone reading this old gubbins doubts the incredible football heritage of the North East of England. It tf127_60_don_patricio_ipadseems under every sod of turf on every football pitch of the region there is an amazing story. I’ll admit up until a few years ago, I hadn’t heard the name Patrick O’Connell but thanks to true faith writer Tony Higgins I learned a little bit more about a man who connects Ashington and Blyth Spartans to FC Barcelona, Manchester United and a few more besides. So, when Tony somehow befriended (best not to ask) Fergus O’Dowd of the Patrick O’Connell Society, an organisation dedicated to the man’s memory and who subsequently volunteered to write for true faith about a truly amazing man, we were only too happy to publish the results in this humble fanzine.

But you are still asking, who is Patrick O’Connell aren’t you?

There really is only one way to find out and that’s by clicking here.

Take some time out to read this piece, you won’t be sorry.


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You can of course dive straight into the whole issue of true faith by simply clicking on the image below and from everyone here who puts the fanzine together, we all hope you really enjoy it.

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One Response to true faith – ISSUE 127 – FROM CROFT PARK TO CAMP NOU : Resurrecting the name of Don Patricio

  1. Michael Boreham says:

    That is an absolutely excellent read, Patrick O’ Connell definitely an unsung hero.

    All best