true faith – ISSUE 127 – 60 SECOND SEASON – 1923/24 – WE WON THE CUP!

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As a moderate dose of cup fever starts to build amongst the ranks of the Black & White regiments ahead of our trip to Hulltf127_60_second_season_ipad later this month and we also look forward to the Gallowgate Flags LEGENDS DAY, its perhaps timely this superb piece in the new issue of true faith (TF127) gets a bit of  a plug.   Thanks to Chris Laws we are featuring snap-shots of every season from 1892 and the latest issue takes us up to 1923/24.

As any half-decent scholar of United’s history knows, the 1923/24 season is one of those golden years when a piece of major silverware found its way back to Barrack Road.

I’ve loved loads of the features we’ve been able to publish down the years but I’ll confess to a real affection of these short, concise 60 Second Season articles that really do give excellent summaries of our club’s history which are entertaining and informative. Chris has done a great job for us.

“We won the cup, we won the cup, ee-aye-adio, we won the cup” – its got a ring to it.

Read all about that season in this latest issue  – just click here. Its all absolutely FREE and works really well on any device you care to mention.


true faith is a 100% digital fanzine and it is absolutely and completely 100% FREE. We are determined not to be just another click-bait, cut and paste operation of the type that is saturating football media and variously frustrating and infuriating readers with naked attempts to drive web-traffic for the purposes of online advertising. The only people who matter to us are you, the readers.

You can of course dive straight into the whole issue of true faith by simply clicking on the image below and from everyone here who puts the fanzine together, we all hope you really enjoy it.

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