true faith Issue 126 – THE HACIENDA AND ME

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Every now and again your lovable gobshite fanzine goes a little off-topic (sort of) and dives into the finger buffet of life’s fancies in what some might regard as self-indulgent but others think of as being within the scope of a fanzine culture with its nods to the world of fashion, politics and music.

In this latest issue, our fun-packed Summer Special of over 136 pages of beautifully designed fanzine, Michael Joyce has taken a nostalgic look back to his younger days when weekends were about the struggles of late 80s, early 90s Newcastle United, in some ways a very one-dimensional nightlife scene in our own city but the discovery of a rather special nightclub, down the road in Manchester.

This is a great read and whilst it won’t resonate with every reader it will chime with those of a certain generation Hacienda3who come from a certain taste and way of thinking. Even if this wasn’t your thing, you will still enjoy reading a fellow supporter relate his thoughts reminiscing of a certain point in his own life in a rites of passage kind of way but also be interested in his views on our city as well of course this er, fun-packed era in Newcastle United’s history.

All you need to get at Michael’s rip-roaring good read is click here.

true faith is Newcastle United’s longest-running and by some distance most popular fanzine. It is now available exclusively in digital format with all of the traditional flavours of a rich fanzine culture but all of the bells and whistles that come with the modern age. It is also absolutely and 100% FREE. You can get at the whole fanzine by clicking on the image below.

On behalf of everyone connected to true faith, we all really hope you enjoy it.

Keep On, Keepin’ On … 




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