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Its fair to say the overwhelming majority of us that call ourselves Newcastle United supporters do so because of a local tie to the club. It is a part of our identity with the general consensus being Newcastle United is a Geordie club and a symbol of the city and its wider catchment area which its fair to say includes Tyneside, Northumberland and Durham and arguably North Yorkshire and Cumbria.

However there are people who are attracted to our club who have no local or familial ties but for whatever reason decide Newcastle United is the club for them.

In this latest issue of true faith we have two writers who explain their attraction and subsequent affiliation to United even though they are from areas of the UK which are not immediately obvious as a breeding ground for Black & Whiters.

Jacque Talbot was raised in Essex but despite being surrounded by a London selection of clubs (and Man U and Liverpool of course) he has found himself drawn to St James’ Park. You can read Jacque’s really interesting piece, the Magnetic North in the true faith SUMMER SPECIAL – just click here to get at it.

You can also follow Jacque here on twitter – @Jac_Talbot

Up in Scotland on the East Coast Sam Wilson grew up supporting his local club Dunfermline Athletic but has also found himself drawn to NE1 and in his really well-written debut piece Scottish and Newcastle he explains why a young Scottish lad developed an affiliation for Newcastle United. You can get at Sam’s piece in true faith by just clicking here


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