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Our new true faith SUMMER SPECIAL ISSUE (TF 126) is now out now and available to be downloaded onto any device you care to mention. It is over 136+ pages of some of the best fanzine writing anywhere in the country.

true faith is Newcastle United’s longest running and by some massive distance its most popular fanzine. true faith is the most widely read independent, supporters’-led publication in the United Kingdom.

In this latest issue we are delighted to feature an excellent and affirming article from Athletic Bilbao fan and proud Basque, Julen Iza who has formed a strong bond with Newcastle United as well as the city anda  deep affection for our support.

In his superb piece Julen explains what makes his own club Athletic tick, what makes it special but how he sees parallels with Newcastle United Football Club.

To get access to this excellent piece of writing simply click on the link here and you’ll be taken to the piece in the fanzine.

Remember, true faith is available completely FREE and is available on any device you care to mention.

true faith is written by Newcastle United supporters for Newcastle United supporters. If you wanted to join our writing team just drop us a line on

Click on the image below to get straight into the true faith – SUMMER SPECIAL (TF126). 

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One Response to true faith – ISSUE 126 – BASQUE BRETHERN

  1. Dave says:

    Very well written piece Julen. Having worked in Bilbao for a few months in the early 1980’s, I can confirm with Julen that the local people are indeed very similar to us Geordies in many ways. It’s a beautiful city & region & I still keep in touch with friends I made there over 30 odd years ago. I was lucky enough to watch a couple of Athletics’ home games at the stadium & was blown away with the passion, friendliness & hospitality of the Bilbao fans. Can’t think of any other ground in the world where the local fans would pass round the carafe’s of wine or cans of San Miguel during the match along with the sharing of the tapas & other snacks. These are some of the many experiences that I’ll never forget. I’m sure the late great Sir Bobby always dreamt of fielding a team full of Geordie locals which sadly has never & may never be realised although I applaud the stance that Athletic take on this with their squad.
    Zorte on Julen.
    Aupa Athletic.