true faith – ISSUE 126 – 60 SECOND SEASON – 1922/23

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A few seasons ago, regular true faith scribbler Chris Laws was asked to take on something of a mammoth task and in a moment of weakness he agreed. The results of Chris’s labours are brilliant however and I’m really grateful for the hours he has put in pulling these articles together for us.

Chris has committed to providing short, punchy and very readable summaries of every season in the club’s history from 1892 up until the season before the start of World War 2 in 1939 and in the latest issue of true faith he has reached 1922/23.

These summaries have been snappily titled – 60 Second Seasons – in order to convey how accessible and immediatelycover_tf126_ipad readable they are but what they achieve in brevity they are matched in knowledge, entertainment and convey something about the world United lived in at that time and how the club was doing on the park. As well as that the articles paint a picture of the experiences of our ancestors had in following United at a time when many of us were a twinkle in a grandfather’s eye.

I’ll confess to absolutely loving these sections of the fanzine and if you have any interest whatsoever in the history of Newcastle United and the times it has travelled through since 1892, then these pieces are right up your street.

All you need to do to get at the latest instalment of the true faith 60 SECOND SEASON is to click here

You can follow Chris on twitter at @tflawsy1892 

As I hope you are all aware now, true faith is available in exclusively digital format and it is also absolutely and completely FREE of charge. It reads brilliantly on any device and more and more of you are taking it on smart-phones and tablets – the latter is my personal preference but it works perfectly fine on a PC or laptop.

From everyone who contributes to true faith, we all hope you enjoy it.



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