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Shortly after we all got ourselves on a bit of a high following Rafa’s arrival at United, our glorious leader, Mike Ashley took one of his clumsy forays into the attention of the national media and alongside some clanking PR manouveres described himself as “wedded” to Newcastle United in the same way he is attached to his tarnished business and liife’s work, Sports Direct. That news soured the milk in the Geordie porridge and left many of us reflecting yet again on the relationship we have with Newcastle United and by association, Mike Ashley.

In this latest issue, new writer, Andrew Harrison picked up the challenge of analysing the relationship between the club and Ashley in his debut piece for true faith.

We really think Andrew has written a very interesting piece about Ashley and United and we’d really recommend it to you give up a few minutes of your time to read.

You can read Andy’s piece in TF125 by simply clicking here. 

Andrew’s article, like many more is featured in the new issue of true faith (TF125) which we published last week and which has had a fantastic response from you all. You can read this issue and indeed this season’s previous issues on any device you care to mention including PC, lap-top, smart-phone, i-pad and tablet. More and more of you are reading true faith on mobile devices and that’s fine by us. Our preference is to read it on a tablet but its great on any device to be honest.

We all hope you enjoy Andrew’s article and if you’d care to give us your opinion on what Andrew has written, simply drop your thoughts in the comment boxes below.

Many thanks.



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3 Responses to true faith – ISSUE 125 – A LOVELESS MARRIAGE

  1. tomb says:

    It’s incredible how wide of the mark these football ‘experts’ are regarding Nufc. A day after Harry Redknapp stating that Mike Ashley can’t be criticised after spending money we have Steve Claridge blaming McLaren for signing the wrong types if players / characters and wasting the money. I’m used to ignorance regarding our club but I thought everyman and his dog knew the transfers come from Carr and are nothing to do with the manager, with the exception of Shelvey and Townsend.

  2. Bob says:

    I agree. Uninformed comment is worthless but can wrongly change the attitude of readers or listeners. It suggests to me that comments they make about other teams are likely wrong except maybe if it is “their” club. If I want information about other clubs – rarely- then I would go to their “true faith” rather than take the view of pundits. We have, of course, suffered from it for many years……delusional geordies, too high expectations, would rather lose 4-3 than win 1-0, believe it is their right to champions league, Pardew was a good manager etc etc. There are a few journalists and pundits who tell the truth but their views seem to be ignored by the wider media.

  3. Peter says:

    Yes, two very fair comments, It must be hard trying to keep up with what is happening at many different clubs, but if you are not really informed….don’t comment.