true faith – ISSUE 124 – JIMMY HILL, FOOTBALL MAN!

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For those of us of a certain vintage Jimmy Hill was an inescapable personality of football certainly throughout the 70s and 80s but both before and after that.

Sadly, Jimmy Hill died in January but given other bereavements around that time his loss may not have received the media attention it perhaps should have done.

Not everyone will have liked Jimmy Hill but in these days of wall to wall media covering every kick and fart from anyone remotely involved in the game the former Fulham and Coventry man can safely be said to have been something of a pioneer of what we see now in every football studio in the land.

Not that Hill was just a talking head trotting out clichés, mangling the English language or following the opinion herd.Jimmy Hill2 There was a lot more to Jimmy Hill than that as anyone with even a passing interest in the game will testify.

As some of you lot will hopefully confirm, in our pages of true faith, we like to give some attention to matters that might not come with a Black & White striped tinge but which have a wider interest in the game overall. This is one such occasion.

In the latest issue of true faith (tf124) our man Wallace Wilson has reviewed Jimmy Hill’s amazing life and career but with a great deal of objectivity which hopefully views the man’s impact upon our national game honestly, fairly and with a degree of warmth too.

We all hope you give up a little time to read Wallace’s piece on Jimmy Hill and all you need to do get access to it is to click here.

You can follow Wallace here – @WallaceHWilson


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