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The new issue of true faith (TF119) is out now and we thought you might be interested in tf119_cover_ipadwhat’s in it.

Quite apart from the most in-depth analysis of what’s going on at Newcastle United, we are very proud to host regular and brilliant features from exiles in foreign climes.

Those who have been reading true faith for any length of time know the names of Tony Higgins and John Milton.

John is formerly of the Newcastle East End favela of Heaton  but is now making a life for himself out it Rio. A long-standing true faith reader, John joined our writing circle some years ago and over time has walked us through his discovery of the football culture in a country which has the game as a national obsession and has won a few things and produced one or two decent players down the years.

From the World Cup and the Maracana, John has produced brilliant pieces on the international team, Brazil’s State Championships and even its non-league scene whilst casting a curious eye on the corruption and incompetence that blights the game and the country.

A genuinely, outstandingly decent chap and unabashed football enthusiast John has produced some tf119_real_spain_ipadoutstanding pieces for true faith and this latest issue is no exception as he investigates the thorny issue of racism in the Brazilian game.

Over in Spain, another exile from Tyneside, Tony Higgins has similarly thrown himself headlong into the culture of this footballing super-power. However, if you want to read one column after another about Messi and Ronaldo, Tony probably isn’t going to help you – though he has plenty to say about Real Madrid and Barcelona (not all of it gushing admittedly).

An old-school fan and disaffected with the  the Premier League and La Liga, Tony has followed his heart and explored the undergrowth of Spanish football – the fan owned clubs, the left-wing politics, the antifa, the tifo as well as the political and cultural history of Spain, not least of which continues to be the International Brigade – particularly those from Tyneside.

Tony’s pieces in true faith for me are my go-to sections amongst an abundance of riches in every download.

But its not all just Brazil and Spain, over the years, we have had pieces from just about tf119_keegan_pt2_ipadevery corner of the planet – Chris Brolly’s amazing time out in Senegal, Graeme Wood in Athens and variously writers all over So America, Germany, the Middle East, Australia and God knows where else.

We’ve been delighted this season to welcome Peter Embleton onto the true faith books. Peter is an unashamed fan of Italian football aka Calcio and holds something of a candle for Fiorentina. This makes him something of a curiosity amongst the Pink Lane Bianconieri, the two bob followers of La Grande Signora – more commonly known as Juventus.

Peter has shown as much as any the potential of fanzines in the digital age with some outstanding pieces including a magnificent historical piece concerning Maradonna’s time in Napoli. There is more to come from Peter and personally, I can’t wait.

Then there is Dan Gordon’s trips to Germany and the list just goes on and on.

In this latest issue we have included a piece from a young American who has developed an unfathomable affection for Newcastle United. Its a great read.

All of this and much more is available to you for the annual cost of only £17.99. If it suits tf119_60_sec_season_ipadyou more you can choose a quarterly option of £5.99.

For that you will get 10 issues (one per month during the season) with each issue having at least 100 pages.

Not only that – each subscription will get you access to a massive back catalogue of previous issues at no extra cost.

No matter where you are in the world, the price of subscription is exactly the same. As is the service. If you take out a subscription, you’ll have access more or less immediately.

What you waiting for?

Click here and get a true faith subscription.

That is all.

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