true faith : ISSUE 114 OUT NOW – What’s in it? (Part 4)

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There is just far too much in the new issue of true faith (TF114) for us to list it all in one go,tf114_cover_ipad so that’s why we’ve been doing bite size chunks for you to getb your heads round and see the treasures we have for you only a few quick clicks away with the new DIGITAL true faith.

We are delighted so many of you are following us over from our long history as one of the best hard-copy fanzines to where we are now, blazing a trail  for the new fanzine culture.

Anyway, eyes down, here’s more stuff that is in the latest issue of true faith, the Newcastle United fanzine giving you the alternative view.

NEWS FROM NOWHERE We like a bit of non-league football at true faith. We’d never describe ourselves as afficiandos of the amateur scene but we’re not too shabby now we have Mark Carruthers from the tremendous For The Love of Football site as a valued partner who reported excellently on the Non-League Day on 6/Sep/14 not to mention Matt Stark who popped along to Heaton Stan and wrote a fantastic feature on one of Tyneside’s most historic non-league clubs.

PRESS FREEDOM  After slaughtering the press for years, here we are defending them. Yon Gareth Harrison analyses the moves from Ashley to tie up a deal with a press partner which would basically charge the media for access to players and manager beyond Premier League agreements. The name of The Sun has been thrown into the mix and whilst talks may or may not be underway to get the local news-pack back into the press box, Ashley’s intention remains and the prospect of The Sun being the favoured paper is discussed by gareth. I think you can guess which way young Mr Harrison went on that one.


Chris Brolly is back home from Senegal. He’s got all kinds of foreign mates and he tok one of them on a tour of St James’ Park. His piece – The Grand Tour will tell you all about it.

SUBSTANCE It’s still a fairly new feature for TF but top lad Ted Edwards is getting into his mighty stride as he looks at advancing years and the challenges it brings to the mature gentleman who isn’t ready for the pipe and slippers. This piece is to be read in detail by fading dandies on Tyneside.

THE 60 SECOND SEASON It’s become a real personal favourite of mine since Chris Laws kicked it off and it just gets better. I’m talking about the 60 Second Season. In this issue we are at the very special season of 1906/07. Try not to read this issue’s column without getting something in your eye. Brilliant history piece!

ADDICTED Daz Blackburn was determined to chuck Newcastle United in before the season started. Let’s see how he got on in his brilliant piece – ADDICTED.


Stu Baird is another writer making his true faith debut and in this issue, Stu is asked the question – is the grass always greener for those players who leave United for pastures new. Great start to his true faith writing career. Career? Ha-Ha.


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One Response to true faith : ISSUE 114 OUT NOW – What’s in it? (Part 4)

  1. Geordie Tyke says:

    People have to stop renewing their season ticket. It’s the only way, you can’t hurt Ashley through words. You, we, everyone has to stop going to the games. Walk outs – what a joke – you have still paid (all he cares about). TF should start a campaign for everyone to stop renewing a season ticket and boycott The team is awful, soulless, passionless and tepid. Lets hit the bar steward where it hurts. By cheering on your team you are actually making it worse.