true faith : ICH BIN EIN BERLINER – ‘Der Club is a Depp’.

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I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit recently. Der Club is a depp. Literally translated, itbeckenbauer-74 means the club is an idiot.

This charming saying is one used by fans from FC Nürnberg to describe their club, and it’s certainly catchy.

In fact, until relatively recently, Nürnberg (or, Nuremberg, in English) were the most successful team in Germany, with nine national titles (although only one was won in the Bundesliga era). They were overtaken by FC Bayern in the late 1980s (Bayern now have 24 titles), but are still the second most successful German team ever, in terms of national titles.

Obviously, comparing us to Der Club (‘The Club’, as they are more commonly known) is not really helpful, as the description could fit many clubs: one-time powerhouse fallen on hard times (Nürnberg went through three managers this season on their way to relegation from the Bundesliga).

At the same time as I was writing this and thinking about Nürnberg, I was watching the Champions League final. Obviously, Real are a completely different beast to the Germans, having never really lost the hang of winning leagues and cups. Atletico, on the other hand, were relegated and plagued by financial troubles within the last fifteen years, but have bounced back stronger.

Honestly, I don’t know really where I’m going with this… Newcastle United is its own beast, after all. Other teams have been more successful. Other teams have had it harder. Other teams have bounced back better from situations which could have spiralled wildly out of control.

The only difference is that Newcastle United is our team.

We’re currently not at our lowest ebb. Far from it, to be honest. And we’re sure as shit not on an upward trend. We’re just about standing still. And I don’t want to say that standing still is not harder than suffering extreme highs and lows. But it’s certainly a lot less emotional.

It feels like apathy is sweeping over the club – from the board and the manager, through the players and into the stands and living rooms.

Just existing is not enough for the club and its fans. Fair enough, we can fail and come-up short. But, up until that point, we should expect to see a bit passion and commitment.

And that hasn’t been seen so far this calendar year.

Let’s hope it comes back in time for next season. Because, at the minute, the club really is an idiot.



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3 Responses to true faith : ICH BIN EIN BERLINER – ‘Der Club is a Depp’.

  1. tony says:

    read an article with the title real madrid 450mil vs athleti madrid 64m, or summit like that hopefully ashley read it (Doubt it like) but just goes to show you don’t have to break the bank to go for your dreams all you need, as you say is the passion, drive and commitment like athletico, their success has been a breath of fresh air and an example to people who run nufc.

  2. Joe says:

    “The only difference is that Newcastle United is our team.”
    I’m afraid not. Not since the wretched term ‘owner’ entered the football lexicon 10-15 years ago. Previously, the chairman were custodians of the club, (supposedly) acting on behalf of the supporters to a large extent, and were happy to feed their giant egos through the reflected glory (and later, huge TV money) that came with the position. They played (just) within the boundries of the remit, without completely taking the piss – tabloid stings notwithstanding.
    It’s a different ball game altogether now they see themselves as owners. That means the thing is theirs, doesn’t it? They can do what they like, can’t they? That’s what they are used to with their other businesses. It doesn’t matter if the fans don’t take to you or your ideas, because they don’t own the club and should buy it themselves if they aren’t happy.

    “We’re currently not at our lowest ebb.”
    See above.

  3. Nigel Neg says:

    Great article. Very much enjoyed.