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The enclosed documentary has been forwarded to us by a reader who thought some withinWestHamtube the true faith cognoscenti might find it interesting for reasons of a sociological, historical, cultural and well, for comedy value as well.

Please note true faith does not intend our inclusion of the video here as some kind of approval of hooligan activity or form any hagiography of that scene.

Peace, brothers and sisters.

Please accept our apologies for some mullets that were released into the wild at this period and which may cause alarm.

The documentary lasts about 50 minutes. It was made in 1985.

Please take it or leave it.

Hooligans 1985 ITV Documentary from Gogglebox Replayed on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to true faith : HOOLIGANS DOCUMENTARY

  1. joe hawkins says:

    I remember this video from the 1980’s and every kid at school had it taped on the old VHS tapes because was the only documentary of it’s time.
    You get the first glimpse of a young Cass Pennant who terrifies a group Girls Brigade members on the tube with his insulting of the opposition.

    You also get to see a young Carlton Leach of “The Rise Of The Foot Soldier” fame and the Bass player from “The Cockney Rejects” Vince Riordan.
    It was the first documentary that showed hooligans were just your everyday kids and not some right wing fascist bonehead sniffing glue and throwing bottles.

    The funniest bit of the show is when the so called hard men of the I.C.F go to Man Utd and are basically ran by the “Red Army” with one I.C.F member shouting : “What Are You Running For ?, Your Supposed To Be West Ham, Stand and Fight ! “

  2. This Chicken never run says:

    “We only want the FUGS !, we only want the people who want us”