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Its a staggering thirty years since the tragic night at Heysel Stadium when 39 innocent heysel-1football supporters were killed as a consequence of neglect, incompetence and thuggery.

I recall watching the game at home on Tyneside with my Dad and being completely aghast at what was unfolding in front of us on our TV screens.

Our sense of horror here in the North East however can have been nothing to the loss and pain felt by the families and friends of those killed so needlessly at a football match.

A lot has been written this week about the tragedy but we think these pieces are especially poignant.

Eammon McCabe – The Guardian – Click here

Ed Vulliamy – The Guardian – Click here

Oliver Brown – The Telegraph – Click here

Simon Hart – The Independent – Click here

Paddy Shennan – The Liverpool Echo – Click here

We would also recommend these books about the tragedy:

Chris Rowland – From Where I was Standing – Click Here

Laurent Mauvignier –  In The Crowd – Click here

Francesco Caremani – ‘Heysel: The Truth’ – Click here

This is also a good summary of the tragedy from a football commentator and eye-witness:

Barry Davies – Radio 5 – Click here

On behalf of everyone connected to true faith we remember our fellow football supporters who were killed following their team and the game they loved.



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3 Responses to true faith : HEYSEL TRAGEDY – 30 YEARS ANNIVERSARY

  1. jay says:

    That Liverpool Echo article is a disgrace. I know you’ve spoken to Hooton a few times, but I’ve read that article twice now and there literally isn’t a sentence that suggests Liverpool fans were at fault for what happened that night. Even the quote they’ve chosen to head the article “The stadium was not fit for purpose…As a Liverpool fan I don’t feel any culpability whatsoever”just sums up perfectly how Liverpool still refuses to acknowledge what really happened.

    • Tony Higgins says:

      You get a better version of the views of Peter Hooton on this podcast. He says on here that Liverpool fans were to blame. I think he is saying that he personally doesn’t feel any guilt as a Liverpool fan.He also talks about well known scouse hooligans are on the photos at the fence etc. the whole podcast is very good TBH

  2. Jay says:

    Cheers, will give it a look. Shame the Echo chose (unsurprisingly) to focus on everything other than the role of Liverpool fans themselves. The Independent article was quite poor as well, whilst the Telegraph one was surprisingly good considering their declining standards these days.