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So, it is looking incredibly likely that Alan Pardew is out of Newcastle United FC. As I type Pardewxthis up it seems as though Palace and United are in talks about the compensation. As ever Ashley now has Pardew over a barrel as with his intentions now known that he wants to do the off, his position as Newcastle United manager is untenable.

So then, what do you think of all of this?

Are you happy or sad Pardew has gone?

Do you think he has been poorly treated?

Do you believe he has bullshitted us for four years?

How do you think it reflects on Ashley that his manager has taken the first serious offer to come his way and that he has moved down several levels to manage Crystal Palace? What does that say about the working environment for the Newc astle United manager under Mike Ashley?

What are your hope and dreams for Pardew’s successor?

What kind of manager do you want? What kind of manager do you think we’ll get?

Who do you want to get the job and who do you not want to get the job?

Let’s have all of your thoughts in the comments boxes below.


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54 Responses to true faith : GOING, GOING, GOING …

  1. Dave Binks says:

    Jurgen Klopp has already ruled himself out of the running for the job at Newcastle but has told reporters that his brother Klippity is more than willing to give it a go.

  2. John Waugh says:

    “Pards Departs” – You can use that one if you want for nowt! Sometimes better the Devil you know though isn’t it?

  3. Nigel Pearson says:

    It seems Pardew decided to go after being told that there will be no money to spend in the Jan 2015 Transfer Window & that Sissoko will be sold either to Arsenal or PSG.

    If that’s true, fair play & good luck to him, if he’d made the same stand several transfer windows ago the Toon Army would have a lot more respect for him however thats not to say he is a good manager.

    It seems the Fat Contoller’s plan is to appoint his chief (only?) ethnic Geordie apologist, Peter Beardsley to the role of ‘Head Coach’ (not manager) at least until the end of the season, no doubt in the hope that he can fast track more of the Development Squad into the First Team thereby allowing more Senior Pros to be sold.

    Ashley rolls the dice again!

  4. rothervalleymag says:

    Pardew has obviously already been sounded out by Palace and said he’ll go, as he is not stupid enough to walk out on a long contract. While it serves Ashley right, and I don’t give a stuff about Pardew, I AM concerned that this will destabilise the players, and that the better ones who have undoubtedly played for him, will now choose to leave. Carver or Beardsley as caretaked does not fill me with much confidence, and the list of possible candidates is mostly dross. Ideally, he’d have fucked off at the end of the season, and Fat Mike would have swatted the moths from his wallet and got someone serious like de Boer. Now he has the perfect excuse to pocket the cash, and not buy any new players in this window on the pretext of waiting for the new manager – who he’ll then tell cant buy anyone anyway.
    Oh well, not hearing Pardew’s bullshit anymore is almost worth it.

  5. Ross Jones says:

    I wouldn’t say i’m sad to see him go but I am sad to see him go under these circumstances. The future was looking bright after that 5th place finish and its a massive shame that all that’s gone on has only served to marr that. It is definitely time for him to move on as he can’t take Newcastle any further.

    I’d say that large swathes of our support have treated him pretty poorly and although on many occasions his infuriating press conferences and mind numbing tactics have warranted the fury of many. Don’t really agree with the personal attacks on him though and I just feel it plays right into the media narrative of the geordie nation baying for blood which is entirely counter productive.

    Would love to think we’d get someone in who can push on and strengthen the squad in January but it’s hard to see anyone getting the job who isn’t of a similair volition to Pardew at this stage. Mike Ashley’s joyless defeatism won’t dissapear with Pardew. He’s always been a symptom, not the cause. Would be happy with a Steve Bruce appointment. Reckon we’ll end up with Sherwood/ Curbishley though..

    • David says:

      The personal attacks on Pardew did us fans no credit at all. I didn’t like the website sack Pardew campaign but I did agree that fans have a right to quote the facts as apposed to the media ignorance to his record and ability.

  6. Michael Jones says:

    Not sure how I feel. I never agreed with all the vitriolic stuff being aimed at him, but nevertheless, his results record isn’t that good. But it also not as bad as others. We are 9th in the league.

    But the negative stuff, headbutting, shoving linesmen etc was always going to hang over him.

    This smacks of being a financial decision by Ashley as much as anything else. Instead of having to pay him off, he now stands to actually be getting paid for Pardew leaving.

    But the old saying “Be careful what you wish for” comes to the fore now. Not overly impressed with the so called front runners, although since they are all media generated, we can probably take them with a large pinch of salt.

    Pulis ? Bruce ? Neither fills me with joy. What about Ally McCoist, has he been mentioned yet? Surely another financial upside for Mr Ashley?

    • SteveP says:

      McCoist is on gardening leave at Rangers, NUFC would have to pay Rangers to get him. Ashley won’t do that, even if it is between his clubs

  7. billmolyneux says:

    Not surprised really,to be working for a total knob of an owner.Myself held a season ticket for 30 years and gave it up through the endless cock-ups and shite decisions made by the arseholes who run NUFC.The monkey with the tin cup is on his way,pity the fat organ-grinder was going too.

  8. Rob says:

    It says it all about this club under Ashley that after barely enjoying watching us under Pardew and hoping he’d leave, the initial thought that we might try for someone like de Boer has been utterly defeated by fear of who will be in next.

  9. Matt says:

    Pardew is a poor manager with a soul sapping philosophy who has presided over four years of tedious mediocrity. He inherited a solid foundation from Chris Hughton and turned it into a crapshoot where winning and losing had very little to do with anything the manager did. For this alone I’m glad he’s on his way out. However, it’s Pardew the man I’ll be most glad to see the back of. No manager in the history of NUFC has talked as much unadulterated and patronising crap. It’s been a never ending torrent of smug delusional bullshit.

    Ashley will no doubt be rummaging around the managerial bargain bucket as he looks for another cheap and pliable stooge. When the next unpopular nobody is appointed there will be howls of ‘we told you to be careful what you wished for’ from the brainless media and devotees of the banal. They will have missed the point as usual. What we wish for is a dynamic and ambitious NUFC and it won’t be the fault of those who wanted rid of Pardew if the owner appoints another manager that doesn’t share this view of our club and it’s worth.

  10. Matthew Close says:

    I’m like a kid at Christmas waiting for him to go. If it spares me another bullshit press conference, inept tactical fuck up or shite set piece, not to mention Gouffran, I’ll run to NE1 to wave him traaa myself.

  11. Ali J says:

    Pardew is a corporate manager. He does as he is told, and works for the company as per his contract. He is not a Club Manager in the mould of Keegan and others of yesteryear. Tbh he is probably tired of toeing the line. Palace will give him much more freedom to act and express. It will be interesting if he will adapt to his new set up, or will he continue to spout nonsense?
    I don’t think Cashley will act very fast. He will see if he can save a few bob and wait until the end of the season. My pick would be to lure Jurgen Klinsmann from the USA. Great manager and might offer Cashley some exposure to a new market for his shop. Dreaming more, then I would love it for Keegan to comeback, but that’s not gonna happen is it?

  12. David says:

    Pardew is not a good manager. However, with him leaving it now leaves us in a bit of an unknown. At least with him at the helm you could expect mediocrity, without him, and not knowing Ashley’s intentions we may be dreaming for mediocrity in a few months time.

    In a way, I see this as NUFC being no further forward. God knows what will happen next!!

  13. Rochford Mag says:

    Like most others, glad he has gone but terrified about who we will end up with. Cannot see it being anyone of any note, Ashely is too tight to spend big on a high profile manager especially one who might want to bring in his own coaching set up.

    No I expect it will be a sticking plaster job to get us through to the summer. Another major gamble but I am sure that he thinks we have the ability to get to 14 or so points which would see us safe for another season.

    It will be interesting to see what the side / tactics are against Burnley.

  14. Tom Pitt says:

    Beardsley or Curbishley?
    Both would be a disaster like but I reckon they are most likely.

    BTW good riddance to the bullshit merchant.

  15. Phil j says:

    Two down, one to go! It’s taking a little time but we are getting to them. Can’t wait for his first press conference. – will it be champions league or 17th? We’ ll get nobody of any note next. however, if he (she) can play players in their primary position it will be a giant step forward, whatever the results. Glad to see the back of him, four wasted years. Turned some good (potentially great) players into mediocre.

  16. andy says:

    Loving reading all the “experts” saying Pardew is a crap Manager. They should all stick to playing on their PS/X-Box’s. Seem to remember (but most will forget) how the geordie so called faithful called for SBR’s head saying he had “lost” the dressing room – after finishing “only” 5th the season before More bloody experts.
    The end of the season will see moneybags Chelsea/Man City/Man U/Arsenal/Liverpool fighting for the top 4 places. This will not change in my lifetime. The so called Financial Fair Play Rules have cemented this in-balance and our natural place in the EPL will be around 7- 9th place based on turnover. Some years a little higher, some years lower.
    Get used to it. This is what football has become.
    The personal vitriol towards Pardew shows a lack of intellect and class.
    Bring on the next mug!

    • To be fair “class” is not a word is associate with Fraudew anyway .

    • Steve Byers says:

      You cannot seriously compare petulant booing by a vocal minority of fans after cocking up Champions League qualification (by drawing with a relegated Wolves side) to the mass of hatred felt Towards Pardew.

      I don’t remember anti Robson demonstrations or mass media campaigns. I do remember booing Kieron Dyer when coming on for England V Ukraine at SJP weeks after being instrumental in SBR’s sacking.

      Either you’re trolling or a maccem

  17. tom says:

    He obviously isnt a crap manager but an average one and his arrogance and ego despite achievong nothing mean he wont be missed. Swansea and Southampton have shown its possible to play good football with limited resources something pardew never attempted to do

  18. Mark Solomon says:

    I agree with the sentiments in the previous comments – whoever is brought in as the next permanent manager of NUFC will have to tow the company line and work under MA’s constraints. The club won’t move forward until MA sells up as well. Hopefully this will be sooner rather than later.

  19. Whoever is next up I’ll stake my mortgage on him not being appointed due to the quality of his CV. Couldn’t care less who it is to be honest, the remit will be the same, just look forward to the day fat boy leaves aswell.

  20. Ollie Burtons Grandad says:

    Ooh a belated Xmas present; fuck off Pardew!

    The last 30 months of his tenure has been bloody appalling; only the Mackems and the retarded will be upset.
    Beardsley may well be the next patsy in line but at least he won’t attack other players; spout mountains of bullshit and be such a smug patronising tosser.

  21. Paul smith says:

    It’s totally understandable Alan Pardew going to palace. He will be on better money ( oh he most certainly will whatever you think) and he will get another two or three years top flight management which I suspect he wouldn’t have been allowed here. Good luck to him As for his successor all you need to do is imagine who we’d want least and mike Ashley will make it happen. Face it guys he hates us with a passion Joe kin near or Steve Bruce would be my guess both I’d hate with a passion. Mark my words by the time mike Ashley ships out to rangers there’ll be bits of red in our shirts and we will be sponsored by the sunderland echo

  22. Ian Summers says:

    Is the club really getting compensation for Pardew’s move to Palace. Whatever you think of Ashley the man is a financial genius?

  23. Peter Rankin says:

    For all the sentiment, Pardew is, was and will be a superior manager to the man he replaced. Unless we get a replacement who is superior to him we will be no further forward than we are now. That’s a fact.

    Having said that, his win rate – Most of Hughton’s were in the Championship – was worse than Glenn Roeder’s, who probably had an even more limited squad to work with, and wasn’t a very good manager as he later proved.

    For that reason, we shouldn’t be worried that another limited manager like Bruce will come in and do worse than Pardew – there is a good chance they may do better. We might take fewer ‘scalps’ as Pardew called them – Chelsea etc. – but ultimately put more points on the board.

    Other than the cups and Sunderland, my main hangup with Pardew was his tactical and man-mismanagement of Cisse. But if Cisse ever goes back to being the player he was when we signed him he’ll be shipped out to star in a Champion’s League team that wants a first rate goalscorer. That’s another depressing fact.

  24. David A says:

    Well, the Pardew haters have their wish. A nasty, vicious campaign to remove him has borne fruit.

    His treatment by certain sections of support does not reflect well on us. Who in their right mind would come to us now?

    I think he tried his best in difficult circumstances and left us in our average Premier League position with some exciting young players in the squad.

    He wasn’t the best manager we’ve had, but he certainly wasn’t the worst, and he never had the money other managers have had to spend. He did not deserve the nasty vitriol spewed out against him.

    Good luck to him. To those who worked night and day to get him out – well done. Let’s see who Mike Ashley replaces him with. I am sure you will give him another warm Geordie welcome.

    • Ollie Burtons Grandad says:

      David you must be either a Mackem or Pardews mate. Your “Poor Pardew” posts are utter bollocks.

    • Clive says:

      Well said Andy for stating your views.

      As you can see from the posts that have greeted your comment, anyone who says a word in support of Pardew gets shot down with vitriol and some sweary words with asterixs. Interesting that none of the Pardew haters have suggested a worthwhile name for his replacement.

      Before he took the Bolton job I would have said that Neil Lennon would be worth a shot.
      At the end of last season I would also have taken Steve Bruce, but look where he has taken Hull after spending a huge wad of cash in the last transfer window – down.

      Whoever takes the job will be chased out of town within 12 months.

  25. Vin1892 says:

    F**k off Pardew you won’t be missed. Bring on the next Ashley puppet and we will slaughter that c**t as well. You are not welcome here you fat slug and neither are any of your appointments. Please, please p**s off and destroy Rangers.

  26. Lynchy says:

    It cannot be easy being a manager working under the Ashley regime, so up to that point I have some sympathy with Pardew. That sympathy soon evaporates however when I consider even with the sales of key players and a general failure to replace them adequately, Pardew just hasn’t got his team to perform anywhere near the sum of its parts and for that reason alone I think it’s for the best that he moves on. Persisting with tactics that plainly either just don’t work or are not suited to personnel available, and talking up good results as vindication of his methods when the statistics prove otherwise just confirm he isn’t up to the grade.

    I do fear for what’s around the corner though. Even if it’s a nobody or someone who doesn’t have a good track record, if they’re able to play players in correct positions and coach the back four how to defend then it may be an improvement but we all know what could happen if Ashley decides to gamble. Sad times.

    • mike says:

      for 800k a year id do it!
      poor managers all this abuse and so poooorly paid ? ?
      join the food Q ……utter boollox

  27. Rowla says:

    Poor Pardew – haha! This clown has spent four years talking our club down and the opposition up whilst setting his teams up to reflect it. We are Newcastle United and should NEVER allow our expectations to be water-boarded down to his level of mediocrity. There’s enough tossers in the media to do that without our senior (and only vocal) club representative doing it.

  28. Mick Fawcett says:

    Eddie Howe?

  29. Tom Bates says:

    Ive been to most of pardews games at st james and dont remember him getting much abuse at all even when losing successive derbys 3 nil. in terms of the abuse shouted at souness and allardyce during games he did quite well I think.

    An average manager with a tactic of working hard and pinching a goal on the break, a good motivator of average players but the way the national media are talking yo’d think Newcastle had never finished top 10 before pardew tenure.
    A rotton 2014, something many journalists have conveniently ignored for their fickle fan agenda.

  30. Tom Bates says:

    The Pardew out campaign worked then, indirectly.

  31. Andy bee says:

    A nasty viscious anti-pardew campaign…..give over man , send the dozy cockney into the three bulls then he would understand adjectives used above. He got off lightly for being inept how he won six games on the belt against the like of Chelsea and man city I will never comprehend…..thanks I enjoyed it immensely….but al you set us up for a ( big) fall…..enter spurs and mackems . Good luck at palace keep them safe and vacate a relegation spot for our neighbours . But ultimately good riddance with your excuses love and kisses from ashington xx

  32. Chris B says:

    Pardew spent four years here and turned us into a hit-and-hope, skill-less rabble where results depended solely on how fortunate we were on the day or on a piece of individual brilliance. He has consistently turned decent players into crap ones. We have been humped more times than anyone can even remember. He plays one up top against Sunderland at home. He was a patronising, smug, glib, bullshitting apologist for the liars and charlatans who have infected our club like a particularly unpleasant disease.

    Absolutely good riddance to bad rubbish.

    The next stooge in the hotseat will likely be just as bad. I hope with all my heart that Peter Beardsley doesn’t ruin what is left of his reputation by ‘stepping up’ to take over. I fear that is the logical plan for all involved – who credible would want to work in this set-up?

    • billmolyneux says:

      Peter Beardsley has said at a couple of talk-ins that he was not interested in the managers job.Sadly If he did take it on,I would think he would end up another of the owners “stoolies”

  33. mike says:

    Err i think he is a very lucky chappie, considering the abuse some managers/players got at the town! he escaped lightly. im glad he is gone i hate the games of 50k sitting on their hands watchin route one football terrible negative football, weird team selections, corners? free kicks? team selections.The shame against the Mackems LACK of motivation! I honestly dont care whose next cos i think we will now wake up and give them a limited time to “prove” themselves afore the tide turns

  34. Chris Nappin says:

    It’s quite strange the circumstances really, given that Ashley was never going to sack him and Pardew was never going to walk – never thought he would ever get poached off another club! Palace are probably the only club in the world who would consider him due to his history there.

    I do have sympathy with him to an extent given what he’s had to deal with, but if he had any integrity at all he would have walked away from those circumstances he repeatedly found himself in.

    His team selections were one of the most annoying things for me, and you wonder what is going on behind the scenes at times. Was he playing Goufrann to play politics by saying that the players they signed above his head weren’t good enough? It can’t have been for footballing reasons, any idiot can see that. Playing 1 up front haplessly for a large period of the season without even a hint of a target man anywhere remotely near the club also makes you wonder what his actual crack is really.

    He must have spent ages preparing for interviews and press conferences the amount of shite he’s come out with, effortlessly I might add, clearly time well spent eh? I remember Gutierrez claiming that they didn’t train hard enough, the list goes on.

    The club will always be a joke with Ashley though, and relegation is our only hope of escape – there’s no other reason he would leave. Surely the money from the Premier League with us is better than the eventual money from the Champions League with Rangers. Nigel Worthington could be the man to take us down which might actually get Ashley in the mood for a sale. It’s a sick thing to want like…

  35. john rush says:

    Please don’t give the “Ashley must be a hard man to work for” excuse. Pardew should have known the score when he took the job, if he didn’t then he must have six weeks later when he was pushed out to explain why Andy Carroll had been sold despite him telling the world he wouldn’t for the previous month. There are many reasons I will be happy to see him go, some of them may be open to conjecture, however two facts which cannot be disputed are that under him we have lost 20+ League games by three goals or more including to the likes of Stoke, Fulham and of course to the Mackems twice at home. We have never progressed further than the quarter finals of a Cup competition – League One Sheffield Utd have reached two semi finals in 12 months. League Two Bradford reached a Cup final. Those two reasons alone would have seen him shown the door at any other Premier League club.

  36. Robert Wilko says:

    the problem is Ashley has no ambition for NUFC and does not have the desire to spend what it takes to try for the top four – we need a coach who is a miracle worker or a change of owner – the futility of entering a competition you are not even trying to win is mind numbing but its not just Newcastle its other clubs too, the Champions league elite and FFP has more or less killed the excitement of actually being in the running to achiieve anything for the vast majority of Premiership clubs – there can be no Derbys, Notts Forest or Blackburns anymore just the hope of the next TV contract…..

    • Andy - southern supporter but originally from north says:

      Not quite correct – he has no intention of spunking 300 mill + to give us a chance of fighting for the top 4.
      Abramovich has spent close on a billion on Chelsea and I guess Man City are not far behind.
      The game has changed forever and unless Ashley sells to another multi billionaire who wants to throw this kind of money at the club, then the best we can ever hope for is a good cup run and somewhere between 6th and 9th place.
      Am afraid the average fan has no clue and uses the term “investment” the way the one eyed scottish idiot did when he was pissing even more of our hard earned down the pan.
      Even Fergie or Cloughie would have no fucking hope of winning the league without massive spending power now.

      • Graeme Pringle says:

        Hang on.

        How much have Southampton spent to get to 4th place at the half way stage and have they played attractive football in the process?

        Isn’t one of the major causes of dissatisfaction the fact that under MA we don’t consider cups important? In the last seven years we’ve seen Cardiff, Everton, Portsmouth (twice), Stoke, Wigan & Hull all feature in FA Cup Finals. None are big spenders.

        Is it unreasonable to have such ambition for Newcastle?

  37. billmolyneux says:

    Heres one from a reliable source,when Jabba sacked Chris H. Steve Bruce had an interview with him and his henchmen for the position of Team Manager,the interview didn’t go well as they were waiting to see how much they could save on a deal with Nike on bulk purchase of various shirts etc.Apparantly halfway through the meeting a member of Ashleys staff burst in shouting that he had saved 2p on each item of clothing.Howls of delight,back-slapping@ high 5s alround from the Cockney crew…………Steve Bruce got up and walked out of SJP