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The 131st Durham Miners’ Gala is just one month away and we need your help to make it DurhamGala1even bigger and better than last year!

The Durham Miners’ Association are hopeful that we could have over 150,000 people attending next month, so please help to make that happen by spreading the word in your community, your workplace and via social media about what a fantastic event the Gala is. For instance, you could check out and share our new website, join our Facebook and Twitter pages and share our Flickr online photo gallery.

The future of the Big Meeting — Britain’s biggest and most historic community and trade union celebration — depends on people like you supporting the Gala by becoming a friend of the Durham Miners’ Gala. So above all, please do sign up today for as little as £2 a onth.

Many thanks for your support,

Friends of the Durham Miners’ Gala

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5 Responses to true faith : FRIENDS OF THE DURHAM MINERS’ GALA

  1. Peter says:

    A truly great day out. I would recommend it to all readers….

  2. Graeme says:

    A fantastic family day out; brilliant to reconnect with our heritage and witness the community spirit and regional pride which grew out of such hard working people…and the bands are great too!

  3. Phil Durham Mags says:

    Over the last couple of years it looks like all of chicken town turn out, red and white stripes all over. I suppose they want to sample what a real historic city looks like.

    • mikey says:

      Aye its there only clothes. be assured those of us in suits are the geordies (and old pitmen an aal)

  4. Simon Sharp says:

    In the context of the struggle of working people to secure better pay and better working rights, as well as better lives for themselves or their kids, footballing divisions are parochial and meaningless. I’ve heard that the future of the Big Meeting is in doubt, due in part (ironically) to the costs incurred in legal actions in respect of mining-related diseases. I’ve enjoyed many good summer days (and some pretty wet ones) down on Durham racecourse, seeing the likes of Skinner and Benn (and Bob Crow I recall) and hearing the bands. As Graeme says, it is a great chance to reconnect with the region’s heritage and a sense of community which existed long before Dave’s think tank dreamed up “Big Society”.