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As yours truly has been rattling on about for the last few weeks, we are now preparing to publish our first 100% FREE fanzine. Ahead of that coming to you at the end of the month, we thought we’d give you all a foretaste of the kind of stuff you can expect from us (for those who haven’t previously downloaded the digital version of the fanzine.

This is Issue 121 of true faith and all you need to do is to click on when you fancy and you will get the whole fanzine for nowt.

This was our Summer Special and its a massive 150 pages so it does demand a bit of your attention. Future issues won’t all be as big as this fella but it does give you the flavour of what we are about.

It works great on a tablet in my opinion but you can also read the fanzine on a smart-phone, desk-top, lap-top of by smoke signal. Okay, maybe not the smoke signal.

From everyone who contributes to true faith, we hope you enjoy it.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …

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