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We hear that the meeting of the Fans Forum planned for this evening (16/Dec/13) – seeNustbanned below has been postponed. There is talk of it being re-arranged for some time in January. Everything below still stands.

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One Response to true faith : FANS FORUM – POSTPONED

  1. Leazes Ender says:

    They’ve already answered the questions about the supposed ‘debt;’ that wasn’t, the lie that the local press carried as a standard to justify the ‘asset stripping’ and downsizing by the latest transient owner…. Ryder and Edwards have a lot to answer for, they fed the London press the lie, and repeated it again and again.

    I suppose there are more questions to ask in order to get further insight into the lack of ambition of the owner, but you don’t really need questions, just eyes! A sideways gaze only need look as far as his actions or more appropriately his inactions, sometimes he get a bit angry an ‘dun always do what’s in the best interests of the club’.

    The bunch of kids running Ashley’s PR and finances seem a bit uppity from the last meeting, I think the questions threw them a bit, they answered them, they weren’t supposed to do that… and the cat was out of the bag, and that is the reason for the banning of NUST…they asked the questions that the local press didn’t for over six years!

    The ban was nothing at all to do with the protocol of the meeting, of course it wasn’t, NUST know it, the press know it…

    …and the club representatives look like absolute fools!