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As me and my two mates left the away end at Loftus Road, we were already pissed off at Everton1another gutless display, but had no idea what we were about to witness.

We struggled to find the right tube station, so decided to get a taxi from Hammersmith to Kings Cross. We got out outside of McDonalds then walked towards Millers Bar down Caledonian Road. It was quite busy outside with Mags and a few Hull fans all having a bit of friendly banter. My mate went to the bar for the pints as I stood and watched the Liverpool game.

That’s when it happened!

There was a scuffle broke out outside. Around 30 – 40 Everton fans came around the corner chanting “Everton, Everton”.

They set about two Hull lads, one of which had a young lad with him around six years old. A few Newcastle lads stepped in but were quite outnumbered.

Then everyone from inside the bar spilled outside and the bottle / glass throwing started. One Newcastle fan got glassed and was absolutely covered in blood!

Basically Everton were just attacking everyone who was outside the bar. I won’t lie, it was a Everton2scary situation as I’ve never seen anything like that following Newcastle.

The owner of the bar ran outside and locked the doors so no one could get in or out and tried to sweep away the glass. By this time the Police had arrived and cordoned off the bar which was now covered with broken glass and blood!

We were locked in for around 20 minutes while the Police restored order.

One thing that will stick in my mind for years was a shocking sight! A bloke (not sure which team he was from) lying unconscious in the middle of the road while his young lad stood next to him stamping his feet hysterically and screaming.

Eventually the Police advised that they should close the bar. Once we were allowed out, we headed down to O’Neill’s where we were actually walking down with an Evertonian. He was a nice lad and seemed genuinely embarrassed by what his fellow supporters had done.

In a nut shell, it was a completely unprovoked attack and the scousers took liberties on innocent people enjoying a pint.

Childish / embarrassing / cringeworthy / uncalled for!


Kriss Fee

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5 Responses to true faith : EYEWITNESS OF ATTACK

  1. mikey says:

    Fucking cowards and wankers.

    I saw the aftermath of that coming out of …erm… the other notorious bar across the road. Also, funnily enough saw a shocking and uncalled for chinning of three lads outside the another bar which i forget the name t but down the alleyway next to O Neils straight afrer that.

    Not sure if it was afters or whatever from this but a lad got a right hiding for no reason and some lads from the bar and the landlord had to stop him getting his head stamped on.

    I’ve been in some daft old brawls in my time, but simply attacking innocent people for having a pint rather than having a bit banter is anti-football in my view. There are no redeeming features for cunts that do this

  2. andy mc says:

    what happened to the usual bull shit that they don’t attack everyday supporters? bunch of cowards lets hope CCTV nails them

  3. Paul says:

    as an Evertonians who travels to lots of away games this story shocks and sickens me. These people do not represent our great club. They are scallys and are abhorrent to every decent Toffee. I am a person who travelled to watch Away games in the violent 70s and early 80s. The only positive now is this kind of behaviour is so unacceptable and thankfully an exception to the way fans behave now. The few letting down the majority.

  4. Drew Murty says:

    Scum. Hope they die.

  5. Dave Kelly says:

    This season has been one of disappointment on so many fronts for Evertonians. Saturday, had bucked the trend, nothing quite like a last minute winner away from home.

    Our day had started early as we needed to be in London early, to meet up with representatives from Premier League fan groups.

    Oh the irony, a group of Evertonians along with fans from Newcastle, Hull, Spurs, QPR and West Ham took part in the Football Supporters Federations £20s plenty protest.

    Fans putting aside tribal differences to work together collectively, for all supporters. Mixing freely, having a pint and exchanging mother other than friendly banter.

    A little over six hours later for something and only a couple of hundred yards away the clock could well have been rewound back to the dark days of the 70s & 80s when attacks like this happened fairly regularly.

    This attack was abhorrent, unwelcome and uncalled for. All decent Blues are appalled by the actions of a small group of thugs who have besmirched the good name of Everton Football Club.

    I’d like to wish all those caught up in this attack a full and speedy recovery and that Newcastle manage to get the result they require to secure their Premier League status